Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why Traveling makes me feel Alive Is Awesome

This is my tenth post for the Alive Is Awesome Blogging Campaign.

I quit my job in 2009, just nine months after I had joined a well paying corporate job in one of the best cities of the country. I came back to my small yet happy state, Himachal Pradesh. Gradually, I started exploring all those places I had always wanted to see but could not see for no apparent reasons.

I bathed in filthy water, enjoyed sand bath in the middle of the silt ocean, and enjoyed walking over the snow covered mountain passes. Cinthol's Alive Is Awesome Blogging Campaign not only gave me a reason to express my untold stories but it also made me realize that traveling is an integral part of my life.

And why my life, travelling and getting to know new places is something everyone should know. Its during these journeys only, human beings get to know their real selves. Its only during these journeys, in the wilderness, on the top of a mountain, or in the middle of an ocean, human beings start respecting their lives even more and the spirit of Alive Is Awesome comes to the fore.

I have jumped in the furious waters of River Beas just to see how it feels.

I have jumped in water covered with algae not because it was too hot but because I wanted to make the best of that moment.

Traveling made me believe that although my weight is just 58 Kgs, I can handle a 200KG motorbike very well. The odometer reading on my bike says 40,000 kilometers, which is a proof of the same.

Traveling enables me to see the better side of life. I once bathed at a place where they used to burn the dead. There is not much difference between the dead and the living ones, except for the choice to live.

Traveling gives me the reason to love. While one travels, one gets to meet people for very short spans and the best one can do in that short span is to spread the love. On the larger scale, our lives are also very short, the best we can do is to spread the love.

Traveling gives me the reason to live in the moment. When you start living moments, life automatically becomes peaceful and beautiful.

Traveling teaches me to expect the unexpected, say thanks to the Universe for whatever is being given and move on. Once I was stuck in heavy snowfall and I almost fell down a 100 meter cliff. That day I realized, If I had died, I would have died an unhappy man.

In short, travelling is the best way to educate yourself. Alive Is Awesome is just not a phrase, it is something more than that and travelling, I am 100% sure, is the best way to experience this.

And In the end, as Mohammed once said, "Don' tell me how educated you are, tell me how much have you traveled."

To be Alive, and to feel Awesome,  jump in the streams, swim against them, and may be one day you will figure out what 'your' life is all about.

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