Thursday, November 1, 2012

Morbe Dam fun with Kids | Alive is Awesome

This is my eleventh post for the Alive Is Awesome Blogging Campaign.


The word itself is magic. It rings bells in my head and takes me to a dream world. Around Mumbai one gets to see life, dams, water reservoirs, jungles, colors, music, everything!

I visited Mumbai back in 2009 after I quit my job. Until then, I used to believe that Himachal only is the best place to stay close to nature.

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I was wrong. Mumbai proved me wrong. Maharashtra proved me wrong. Dapoli and Morbe Dam proved me wrong.

Dapoli is a silent beach, unlike Goa on the Konkan Coastal line. And Morbe Dam is juts a One Hour Ride from Vashi/Navi Mumbai.

Sunset at Daploi Beach | Eternal Silence

Me and my twin brother rode his Royal Enfield and after enjoying a brisk ride landed near the dam. There was a small reservoir near the dam. Close to it a group of local kids was playing.

Their game reminded us of our childhood days and we asked them to let us play with them. 

Language is no barrier when it comes to music and love.

They couldn't speak Hindi and we didn't understand Marathi yet it was one of the funniest and most enjoyable game of our lives. The game of 'Chor-Sipahi'. It was moist and soon one of the kids started pushing my brother towards the water reservoir.

And soon they all were jumping over my brother's head in the water. I couldn't join the but it was fun shooting them with the camera.

It wasn't an adventure bath or something. 

Neither it was something extraordinary we did. It was just a fun moment 'lived' with few innocent kids that took us both to our childhood days. 

The Fun Begins

Look at these pictures and you will get to know what I am talking about.

The Return of Innocence! :) 


 Return of Innocence

 That's Me - Capturing Life in MegaBytes!

Childhood is Alive. Childhood is Awesome. Nostalgia is bad and I don't like living in the past. And as far Morbe Dam fun is concerned, I am glad I 'lived' it to the fullest. 

It was an Alive is Awesome experience, shouting, jumping, and dancing in joy with kids, who couldn't speak our language, yet everything was understood and well said.

P.S. He is indeed my 'twin brother' although we don't even look like brothers

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