Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And We Did It....

Long ago, actually not so long ago when I was college, there lived a poor mess-worker next to us. He used to come to our room, talk to us, tell about his kids and lastly about his problems. He told us that he had been working in the college since 1986, which actually is the starting year of N.I.T Hamirpur, and all he gets [in 2008] is 2000 INR only and once he leaves the college [mess] he will get no retirement money, no rewards for his service.

Me, JP & Karma listened to him and we told him that we will do something about it. Later on, all of us started doing the same shitty business of ours, everything except studies. After one week, that fellow died, I was coming back after failing in the exam and I found his name on the noticeboard. As, I did not know his name, I slept peacefully that after-noon, but in the evening JP told me that he was "he". And that night, three of us could not sleep... :(

May be we feel more pissed off, if someone dies, when we know someone. There is no absolute love left in this world, I guess. It is relative, had he not talked to us, we would have done the same old things without giving a single thought about him. So he died, leaving nothing but a cruel fucking world for his family.

That night, KARMA and JP smoked some thousand cigarettes, and I cursed them badly for it and we decided to start Mess Worker Welfare Fund, which will take 20 INR from all the students and will be distributed among the needy mess workers from time to time. We got into action that day only and got signatures done from all the 1000(approx.) students within one week, some people asked to reduce the amount from 20 to 5 INR. But good people and bad people co-exist, so never mind. Lastly, we were sitting in front of all the Professors, wardens and Deans with the proposal we prepared. Some fools tried to oppose us, till date I don't know why, may be I = WE did not have good marks, as marks are very important criteria to be able to respect your self in my college :D

We left college with very very very heavy heart as we could not get the job done.Our worthy teachers could not approve our proposal as they did not have guts enough to approve it.They wanted to get it approved from some higher authority and they from someone even higher than them. That dead person's image haunted me for a very long time but I guess today is the day of happiness. It is done, I don't know how it happened, neither I want to know. The job is done and "WE" did it.

R.I.P Old Man
We still blame ourselves as we could not do anything for you when you were alive :(