Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Sorry Rahul

Did you ever lambaste someone who was new to your class?. Did you ever thrash someone by removing his pants and beating him with his own shoes? I did that. The story is cruel and I felt very very sad to be a part of it in fact I was in the lead role :( and that makes me feel more sad and bad.

When I was in 7th class[ I was in 7th class, once upon a time :)], a new guy came to my class, all the way from Bhopal. He was a short, well-built guy for 7th standard. He used to speak sporadically which made him sound like a fool. I am a born leader,as you all know :), so I was the class lead. At that time we, a group of five bastards(including me and my twin brother) used to have a regular practice of beating up guys[girls included] who disobeyed our orders. We were the Taliban's of our class and I was the proud Osama :). Rahul, the new entrant, started showing some guts, though I liked his guts , but for my gang he was the pain in the ass.One fine day, when I was monitoring [as if.....] the class in the absence of teacher,he stepped into our comfort zone, which was beyond all the barriers and anyone who wanted even to straighten his legs/arms would be interfering in our comfort zone, troubling him/herself.

So no fault of Rahul, but I just took him in and I thrashed him as if he was a dog. He retaliated badly, gave me a punch and that was the end of his story. My gang, in fact all the boys of class, held his legs, arms, head, ears, whatever they could find hold of, and started beating him. Even then he was not scared, although I wanted him to be scared to death, so that I could leave him, but he was a real fighter. He challenged me, the almighty me [:)], to fight one on one with him. Although he punched me some 5-6 times, but I made a dog of him. I gave him legs,arms,fingers, shoes,sticks,chairs and bags also. After that my gang wanted him to learn a lesson and even I also found it hard to digest that a newborn has challenged me in my den. We, five Taliban's, literally carried him to a place where we could beat the hell out of him.As far as I remember we gave him some thousand slaps while carrying him there. He finally gave up after I punched him in the face and he started crying badly, he started blabbering, I don't know what. At that moment I felt pity for him, but it was too late. The gang had, by then, started beating him. They forcefully removed his pants and shoes and they made a stray dog of him. His face was red, his eyes were dry and I am really very shameful for having done all this :(. He did not come to school for the next few days[I reckon 3 days].

He learnt a lesson which was not meant for him.Although we were not the real Taliban's, I helped him a lot in his studies and he thanked me a lot of times for being a part of his life. After leaving that school, I met him after five years and even at that time he respected me and remembered me. But still, I am sorry Rahul, because what is done once is done forever :( I don't know where is he at this time, but I hope my sorry will reach him and he will forgive my sins.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stay Hungry-Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry-Stay Foolish- It has nothing to do with Steve Jobs except it is "his" statement. It is about a book which shares the entrepreneurial experience of 25 young as well as old entrepreneurs from the top management institute in India-IIMA. The book comprises of the interviews taken by the author-Rashmi Bansal, an IIMA graduate herself and a successful entrepreneur as well. Founder,Editor and Publisher of a popular youth magazine called JAM - Just Another Magazine.Some of these entrepreneurs graduated way back in 1970's, before I was born, some in 21st century, but all of them had the same dream,faith and vision. Some were erratic, some were eccentric, some were adamant and none of them seemd to me a normal being[Its my belief that only abnormal people can do anything real and practical]. Some quit job after three months, some after six months and some after working for 26 years. Some worked for big companies, some for bigger and some for biggest, but even then they knew that this was something they were not supposed to do.Some lived on their wife's income for long times, some worked in a single room for months.But all these things could not stop them from doing "anything", they wanted. No wonders, only this level of faith [in one's own self] brings in Naukri.com, Makemytrip.com, Subhiksha and a lot of such great creations. These are all creations indeed by these creators of Life and Vision.

P.S: I have read Reviews of this book. I don't know why, people always pick the negative things :).Some are saying why she selected only 25 people, some are saying this is not a book at all, this is just boot-licking of IIMA alumnus by the IIMA alumni. Some are advising people not to buy it. Gosh!!Anyways I suggest all of you to read the book and buy it as well and keep it with you and whenever your Life is on a roller-coaster ride(Yes, I am talking about the trough side) read this book. This book is worth reading some "n" number of times.

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