Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kali Ghaghari - Multiple Renditions

Remember we talked about a video by Laman Band. An old classical Himachali song rejuvenated by these guys.

I was looking for other variants of this song since Laman's video got out. Surprisingly, there are quite a few songs that have been reshaped and remoulded by different Himachali artists. And each one of those songs is different than the other one.

Have a look at them yourself.

India Rising - The Power of Voice to Clean India

India is rising

Historical evidence suggests that India needed a leader to free itself from the claws of its detractors. But not any-more! The times have changed and for good they have changed.

With the advent of technology, we don't need a leader to muster our courage. Technology has made authorities accountable for their actions. All it takes a 'responsible' citizen with FacebookYouTubeTwitter or a blog to raise his/her voice.

Earlier, people used to talk in a hush-hush manner. These days people talk shout because technology enables them to do shout openly and seek their rights. And rightly so. Its not 1760 and we are not the snake charmers anymore.

We have been hearing a lot about 'Mission Clean India' these days.

Imagine our country free from dirt, filth, 'paan ki peek', and 'roadside -pee~ers'. Sounds impossible?
In the early 19th Century, a foreigner visiting America described it as 'filthy, bordering on the beastly'. 
The entire nation stood up against the demon of filthiness and all it took a determined lot of citizens to make USA what it is today. Today USA is one of the foremost nations that has made public cleanliness as its motto. 
If America can do this, India too can. And why restrict ourselves to just eradicating filth and garbage from our streets? If India can throw the mighty Britishers out, we sure can throw away corruption and unaccountability from our country.

And the magic of social media enabled with the weapons like Right To Information have made inroads into the 'sarkari departments' that otherwise lived under the impression of not being servants but the owners of this nation.

Moreover, the youth of this nation is no more a passive participant in the activities of National Interest. There are Social Activists, NGO's, and independent 'anonymous' groups cleaning our streets, protesting against corruption in colleges, and empowering kids against the evil of Eve Teasing.

Our streets are unclean? The Youth of this Nation has picked the broom
Our women are being harassed and molested? The youth of this nation has picked fight against the lawmakers and politicians.
Our officers are corrupt? The Youth of this nation is naming and shaming them in the public.
Dependency on the government has come down substantially and people are building their own future. People have learned to speak for themselves and technology has a great deal to do with this.

In short,  #AbMontuBolega! And who is Montu?
It's you! It's me. It's your friend, your relative, your distant cousin, and everybody in his friend circle.  

#AbMontuBolega is a campaign started by Strepsils to raise awareness among the Indians to stand up for what is right and just. The campaign brings stories from across the nation of common Indians standing up against the injustice and wrong.

You may follow the campaign on-line by following Strepsils India on Facebook 

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And I would like to say again what I have said already.

India is rising!