Monday, October 22, 2012

Sand Bath at the Banks of Beas | Alive is Awesome

This is my sixth blog post for Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign

River Beas is one of the largest rivers of the country and fortunately it originates in Himachal Pradesh. It originates from the Beas Kund near Manali (Rohtang Pass).

It traverses hundred of kilometer before reaching a small village in some remote corner of the state. The remoteness can be guessed from the fact that even till date people use boats to travel from one bank to another. The river bed is hardly 50 meters yet there is no bridge. 

The Beas runs very deep and silent at that place, as deep as fifty feet at some points. On a summer afternoon, we decided to break the silence of the Beas and take a bath.

The Beas View @ Amtar

The Beas View at Amtar

As soon as we reached there, we were hypnotized by the scenery. The water was bluish green and it actually looked like a painting. A boat was moving across and it appeared that God had deliberately left that boat on that lonely stretch. 

After looking at that scenery for few moments, we took off our clothes and jumped into the water. The water was damn cold and we decided to relax on the sandy banks of the Beas. Soon one of us started splashing sand all over and within a matter of seconds all hell broke loose. 

Everyone was jumping in the sand, throwing sand over one's body and it literally turned to a mud slinging event. Our undies were filled to the brim with sand and the next best thing to do was to jump in the water and clean ourselves up. The moment was surely alive and awesome.

Even the mules grazing by were looking at us with a bemused look at their faces. 

However, sand was sticky and even after rubbing our backs and legs with stones, we actually did that. we ended up picking sand from each other's back. 

That feeling could truly be called Alive and Awesome.

The boat ride that followed was one of the best rides I have taken in my life. River Beas was silent, deep, as if it wanted us to understand something.

May be the essence of life, "Run Silent, Run Deep."

Alive is Awesome :)

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