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Cool New Cinthol | Alive is Awesome

This is my Eighth blog post for Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign

Yesterday, I received my Godrej Cinthol gift hamper for Alive is Awesome campaign and after looking at the red package after a long time, all old memories came to the fore at once.

The new packaging and fragrance of the soap as well as the deodorant are awesome. Because currently I live in Shimla, bathing is a huge task, and moreover I am not a great fan of bathing everyday in winters, yet it was the wonderful fragrance of the soaps, that made me jump in the bathroom, twice.

I opened both the blue and red packages. One for the morning and one for the evening. And unlike other 'celebrity soaps' of India, this soap is actually Grade 1, TFM>76%. which speaks about the quality of Cinthol. 

More about TFM in this post later.

And as far as the rejuvenated old look is concerned, the red package reminds me of my old age Superhero, Vinod Khanna. A job well done by Cinthol, I must say.

Old Cinthol Ad: Image Source

Let me tell you something more about Godrej and Cinthol in this post.

Godrej Cinthol is our brand. It is true-blue Indian. Indian not just because it is manufactured in India by an Indian Company but the connection is far more interesting.

There lies a story behind the Godrej Conglomerate, which shows true Indian colors, the bright and radiant color of our culture and tradition.

Godrej takes me ten years back, when I was still studying in the school. My father used to tell us story of one Ardeshir Godrej, who died ten years before my father was born. Ours too is a family of businessmen and my father used to tell this story to me and my twin brother on numerous occasions.

"Ardeshir wanted to establish a company and he did not approach his father for the loan. He approached a family friend and asked him to give him the loan. His reason for not asking his father for a loan was simple. He wanted loan, not a gift. 23 years later, when the decisive moment came, he refused to accept inheritance. His father died in 1918 and as expected, Ardeshir did not accept the inheritance at all. His father was one of the richest men of India."

Pretty unconventional stuff that guy did. Later he took Godrej to new heights and made it on of the best brands of not only India but the world.

Probably, he was the guy who invented the word Alive is Awesome, even if he didn't say it, I am sure he meant the same.

My father concluded by saying, " Saying no to 'unearned money' is a very difficult job. Its probably one of the toughest jobs you might have to undertake.  Make sure you remember Ardeshir when that moment comes."

That was good ten years ago when I was 16 years old. The story is still afresh, and the lesson clearly understood. Again in my college, you know those revolutionary years, I was too fond of Godrej brand, because it was our brand, the Indian Identity!

Then I got to know another major factor about soaps and their quality, the TFM factor.
"Total Fatty Matter (TFM) is one of the most important characteristics describing the quality of soap and it is always specified in commercial transactions. Soap with TFM 75% minimum is referred to as Grade 1, anything below that is Grade 2 and not suitable for bathing. "
I conducted a short research and figured out that every other soap that was endorsed by Bollywood Bigwigs was Second Grade Toilet Soap.

Godrej Cinthol's TFM was 76% and above, which meant it was the only Grade 1 soap available in the market at an affordable price.

Nothing has changed since then. Even today Godrej soap's fall in the Grade 1 category whereas other soaps, which you see your Bollywood legends using on screen are Grade 2. 

There is one soap that claims to protect you from harmful bacteria, its TFM is 65%, go figure!

And, in the end I would like to say, Godrej is Awesome :)

New Cinthol, Good Old Feel

Alive is Awesome | Thank you Cinthol

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