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The Submerged Temple Bath | Alive is Awesome

This is my seventh blog post for Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign

Himachal Pradesh and for that matter India is a land of 'lost' temples. We are busy erecting scarecrows (Statues in Noida, anybody?) but our state has no time to preserve the lost, architectural masterpieces of our country.

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One such site is in Himachal Pradesh, district Bilaspur. It is believed that Pandavas' during the Mahabharat stayed in the Himalayas during the Vanvaas/Agyatvaas. And during their stay in the forests, they spent most of their time in 'Our Side' of the Himalayas.

On the famous Manali-Leh Highway, near Bilaspur, in the middle of the Great Gobind Sagar Lake, there are few temples submerged in the water. During the rainy season, you will not get to see those temples because they are fully immersed in the water during that period. However, if you happen to cross that region in winters, you might see the roof of the temples popping out of the water. The lake is covered with silt and it appears that those temples are trying to break free but the silt is not allowing them to do so.

Me and my friend happened to visit that site long ago. Our main intention was to see the inside of those temples but because the ground was swampy, we could only see it from a distance.

Now with nothing left to do, we decided to roam around. The silt-ground was wide open and we were the kings of that region. We ran here and there and as we reached near the banks, we could spot water deep enough for swimming.

Now, silt is just useless. You can't use it for any industrial process or whatever, however, when you throw silt on your body, it feels nice.

It feels soft, and it doesn't feel unclean at all. Sand hurts, silt doesn't.

Jumping here and there, we removed our clothes and soon it was nothing less than a crazy show.

Two naked guys jumping around like seagulls, throwing sand over each other, making weird noises.

We were easily spotted by people from the road and I can't  even imagine what did they think about us.

Alive is Awesome Jump
As we jumped around like monkeys, an old well-dressed man appeared from nowhere. He was coming towards us and we were wondering about his mode of appearance. He greeted us and because we were already in an awkward situation (half naked), we decided to make it even more awkward  We asked him to record a video for us.

Hesitantly, he took our camera and started recording the video.

The Weird yet Alive Video: Discretion Advised ;)

The video lasts only for few seconds and I bet it could be one of the weirdest videos you would have seen in your entire life. Even today, when I look at this video I can't stop laughing.

And now when I look at this video, it reminds me of only one saying, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

I am glad that we danced in the sand like mad animals. I am glad that we enjoyed that 'moment' because life is all about moments we live fully.

I am glad that we did that because being 'Alive is Awesome'

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