Monday, October 22, 2012

Swim 'Filthy' Green | Alive is Awesome

This is my fifth blog post for Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign

Summers in Himachal could be fatal. This statement might look false to some of you but believe me whenever they talk about Global Warming, I somehow feel that all the 'warmth' of the world is coming to Himchal Pradesh.

Don't believe me?
Well, most of the people from outside Himachal know Himachal as Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dalhousie, Kasauli, and Rohtang. However, even in these areas temperature has shot up substantially in the last couple of years.

Rohatng's snow doesn't last more than a month after it is officially opened. It takes just 20-30 days to melt snow walls as high as 30 feet.

Shimla never was meant to use fans. People while constructing their houses never left any scope of installing a fan. And today, every household either has a table fan or planning to have one.

The times have changed. The planes of Himachal see temperature going as high as 45 degrees.

We, the unfortunate ones, living in one of those planes could not bear the heat one day. The mercury was touching 45 degrees and it was that time of the year when even the rivers, rivulets run out of water. And ours was a place deprived of swimming pools.

However, for every man made problem, there is a man made solution. Now because Global Warming is a man made problem, so is heat generated by it. So, we decided to find a solution for it. Roaming here and there, we found out that there is a water pool nearby. However, how safe it was to swim in it was not known.

We reached at the spot and water was deep green in color. Now because we have known only two colors of water, one clean blue that belongs to oceans and rivers, and other green water, which is a common feature in our side of the country.

Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, all have green tinge to their water, when they are not full of silt.

Wild Swimming Pool - In the Jungle!
Now because the color was green, we assumed that it was deep and clean. And without giving a second thought, we jumped into the water. Soon we realized that it was cool and filthy at the same time.

The heat was gone and so was the excitement. It was damn filthy and it kept entering our mouths. Just then, me and my friend decided to take a plunge in the filthiness and started jumping around. The algae and other 'essential ingredients' started flying around and soon it was all a filth show.

Everyone was happy to the core and never before I felt happy after being splattered with algae and other 'green elements'.

Alive and Awesome

Sadho Re!

Alive is Awesome - Friendship Personified

Green Jump

 It was indeed an Alive is Awesome Bathing moment for all of us.

After being playful in that green filthy water, we cleaned ourselves up with hot summer tap water.

The feeling remains alive in our hearts, till date.

Green Filthy 'Awesome' Jump
I would give anything to be drenched in the same filth again because being Alive is Awesome.

P.S. A very special thanks to JP and Akash Deep

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