Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ladies, Love and Respect

Arjun said,"Mama, I am home. See I have won a prize."
Mama said,"Whatever fuck it is, share it equally with your brothers."
It is not yet known if Arjuna was happy sharing his price with his brothers or not. 
Now the "thing" was not a thing but a girl/lady and most importantly a "wife"
The second "you" signifies a bunch of 5 big "mustande" who were already having so many other wives with them, but this one was "won" after beating the hell out of a fish :D

Now those 5 people didn't do/think anything but started "sharing" that lady equally among themselves and out of those 5, one alone was equal to 5 people, so the count is 9 in all.

They shared that lady badly, they took her to different picturesque places and jungles and forests, and one of them lost that lady in a "poker game" and somehow one young man saved her from being stripped publicly(In front of her, not one, not two but five husbands) who later on gained fame as God. Then they fought among themselves and finally they went to heavens. The famous young man got one of his books published which is still a best selling classic.

Then there was another young man(Let's call him R1), who was "Maryada Purushottam = The Best Man" , that fellow screwed another young man (R2) [who was fond of capturing wives and sisters], because he captured his beloved wife. However the point to be noted here is that R1's wife was staying in a jungle with R1 and when R2 captured R1's wife, at that time R1 was busy in deer-hunting, however he handed over the charge to his brother L1, but unfortunately he also went in the search of same deer which R1 was looking for :D

So the wife was captured, but then R1 invaded R2's regime and claimed his wife back. However it has been observed that it is no where stated/reported that R2 tried to molest/rape R1's wife, he simply urged all the time that pretty lady to marry him, so that she has not to stay in jungles anymore. But because of her "immense faith" in R1, she turned down the offer.

Later on when she was re-claimed, R1 asked her to "prove" her virginity/character because of the "public demand" Then the story went on and on, as the other stories do and finally R2(considering the things, he did not do with the lady) went to hell and R1 (considering the acts he performed with the same lady) went to heavens.

Revision: Even R2 went to the heavens because the game was all pre-planned so that R1 could kill R2 and send him to heavens. And in all this, 'the lady' became a victim. I guess R1 and R2 were running some coalition government and what they did इस देफिनेद under 'गठबंधन धर्मा'

These are the points which should be considered to go to heavens and avoid hell.

I read a news where an educated(Engineer) husband killed his wife because she was talking to her male friend on phone. That made me to go back to mythological ages, but seriously it hardly matters what age we are living in.We learn from history that we don't learn anything from history.

Moral of the Story: Respect ladies. By Indian law and order and tradition, a lady has to leave her household after marriage, she leaves everything because she trusts her husband and puts her life in his hands.

I was wondering what if the scenario is reversed, how many men would still be willing to get married.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Winds of Change

Once upon a time, I knew a guy named Vinay. He was a bully, kind of local don. When I saw him for the very first time, he was swinging a sword [a real and big one] in a fight, a local gang fight :)
Thereafter whenever I saw him, he was busy breaking bones, swinging swords, punching knuckles. I always admired his fighting style, as I was also a "chota~mota"fighter, have a look here, I always wanted to talk to him, when I was a kid. Then time moved, Life changed I left that place, came to college, then Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and finally back to the same place where I spent first 14 years of my childhood, the battleground of Vinay :)

Last friday while going to the market I saw him after so many years, he had not changed a bit, except some weight-loss. The fire was still burning.
Two days later I was sitting in my room, doing nothing, thinking about Vinay and Lo! he came into my room with my friend. We talked to each other, I told him how I used to admire him as a fighter in my childhood. He smiled and then he told me his story. He was a drug addict, he remained in lock-ups, drugs, politics and a lot of such things. He screwed his life, but as I have already told you he was a true warrior, he never gave up. He tried to regain himself, he locked himself up in his room for six long months, didn't talk to anyone, listened to the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, this was told by him specifically, NFAK is an important figure in his Life, and he was changed.
To my surprise he was doing a Film Direction Course from Bombay, he studied at FTII-Pune as well. The best part is that he spent his 4-5 years in the upper region of Himachal, in a place called Chamba. He has done exhaustive surveys, studies on the culture and historical importance of Chamba, now he is going to direct it as a documentary. This is a change, this is Life. This is what Sunny Deol generally does in hindi movies, from a gangster to a respected man because he loves a girl. But this man, believe me, he loves Life, he is passionate about it and I am just happy for him.

Indeed the Winds of Change are blowing.
Life is Beautiful, njoy.

P.S: He came to my room because someone suggested my friend's name to play a role in his film/documentary. I expect myself to get a role of villain with a over-grown beard :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


I finally found time for myself :)
I lied to parents that I am still in Pune [not so nice of me :)], lied that I have taken NTPC Test, lied that I did well, so many lies..............
But rather than making them understand its better to lie and save my precious time. I am busy planning/working for my venture(s), acquired some assets(a printer and a net connection) planning to buy a bike which comes under 10k and gives a mileage above 100 kmpl, yeah I might have to invent one of this super-kind and then again TATA uncle would have to rethink about his NANO because such kind of bike will definitely break his "all~india~inside~car" dream for sure :D
Its all fun working for/with myself for/with my dream. We are having troubles but we were not that much happy in jobs as well,moreover here we can give creative shapes to our ideas like asking for a printer that comes under 1000 :D
So many things have happened in between, Advani got a "chappal" from one of his own fellows, I got a new site where I found some more "new"songs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Satyam got a new owner and three more people dared to opt out of their jobs following my example and their heart's voice :)

Undertaker defeated Shawn Michael in Wrestlemania-25 and now his un~defeated streak goes to 17-0, Hail Dead Man!!! :) [I know that wrestling is fixed but still I love it and I read hindi Comics as well, yeah that Nagraj, Dhruv stuff]

My dear friend is on his way to reach on the top, he is doing great with three offices across India and all of them making profits, KOLLACE is doing great and he is just 23.
Karma is still ashamed because of his job, but he is helpless :D.

Its all fun to be in this state with small quanta's of struggle in between so it is Fun~Truggle. Let us all Rest In Peace.
Enough for the day.

P.S: There are so many hyperlinks in this post. Feel free to click on them, I won't mind.
Life is Beautiful, njoy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mission Railways

I left Pune on 3rd of the April, booked a "tatkal" ticket, for a Holiday Special Train, which couldn't be booked first hand, but I booked it again, as I knew that "IRCTC+ICICI" is a deadly combination and nothing will happen to your money, so I booked another ticket and got the money back for the previously "unbooked" ticket within 2 days. I had always heard about trains running late in INDIA, by 2-3-4-5 hours and sometimes by a whole day but never experienced it, so I never trusted it.That day while leaving Pune, I don't know how and why, but I was thinking about the "on time" experience of mine with IRCTC. I reached Pune station at 12 afternoon, roamed around for one hour and then to my surprise/experience an announcement was made which said,"The Pune-Nizammudin train has been rescheduled and now will depart at 7:50 p.m" :D
This proves the theory of you conspiring and universe approving or whatever it is...:D

Moral of this short story is,"Don't expect/want the bad things to happen if they are not happening because if you do then they will"

At 7:50 I landed on the upper berth and slept like a relieved dog after many-many days.Next morning when I woke I asked the tea-boy for a tea. He charged me 5 rupees :) Later on I asked him about the lunch price which he said was 50/- only.
Then asked him to show me the menu card provided by IRCTC to every vendor, he asked me to talk to the Manager. Initially I was bit reluctant/frightened to go and talk to the manager, anyways who wants to be beaten up by the tea and samosa boys in the running train, but another fellow passenger joined hands with my anti-corruption organization and went to the manager and there "we" found that the tea without tea bag was for 3(5), with tea bag was for 5(6), ordinary lunch for 32(Not available), paneer lunch was for 50 and mineral water bottle was for 12(15) Rupees. I calculated instantaneously that for 810(10 coaches*81 people) people if they drink 3 tea cups a day then in a day the tea~samosa boys were pocketing 5000 rupees for the tea only. A perfect business :D
After talking, I came back from there, ordered another tea, now see the conversation:
ME: 1 tea please.
Boy: (Gave me the tea)
Me:How much??
Boy: 5 Rupees
Me: But the manager/IRCTC says 3 rupees
Boy:I don't know, 5 rupees.
Me: Lets go and talk to the manager, what is your name? Haan-Sanjay, lets go
Boy: Why??its 5 rupees, or you can pay whatever you want to [:D]
ME:What does that mean?I don't want to pay anything
Boy: Thats fine with me, enjoy the tea.
Me: Gave him three rupees.
Boy: Ran away as fast as he could.

After that I went to each and every coach, starting from S1-S10 and told everyone in every compartment regarding this low~scale~mass~scam and asked them to pay the right price for the right thing, and you won't believe it the tea~samosa boys were themselves returning the change without having asked to do so :D. I did not went to the AC coaches as I did not know how do they react on such issues, so In case you are an AC traveler pay attention and act accordingly :)
So next time you travel, mind that you are not paying more and paying the right price, after all its our right :)

P.S: Please don't be adventurous in case you are traveling through U.P/Bihar/Jharkhand because Indian Railways has reported a lot of cases of people being thrown out of the running trains :D. After all life is important than Rights and Wrongs :)

The second brief part is on the way :) which tells "me"about the importance of food and money in Life when you are not accessible to both of them :D