Friday, November 13, 2009

Common Man

Once upon a time in my college,there was a 'guy' in our just junior batch. I met him in a bus when I was going back to home during my second year days.

Oue batch was very dangerous/stupid batch and some of the brave 'men' from our batch used to fight every now and then. Some times the events were inter-year and sometimes they were intra-year as well.

Now this 'guy' was the perfect example of a common man. Whenever anyone would fight anywhere inside the college premises [sometimes outside also] he was the first one to be beaten up. His seniors, his juniors and his batch-mates, everyone had an opportunity to kick/slap/punch him for absolutely no fault of his. His only fault was that he was a common guy with common friends with no uncommon property. When I was in my final year, our batch had an ordeal with 'his' batch. He was drinking somewhere in the jungles, he appeared from nowhere and when he realized the situation, he found himself in the middle of the ring where everyone slammed him badly :D :D

When I was in Satyam, Bangalore, I got a news that he had been expelled from the hostel because no one knew why. Once he was coming back from his vaccations and some people beat him at the bus-stand. :P

What a fucking loser he was!!!

I was just wondering, what is he doing? Is he alive?
Was he ever alive?
I don't know but whenever I see a common man, that sight reminds me of that 'guy'.

P.S: It's Real, he existed once. Now I don't know