Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Bottom Approach

The CAT/JEE is over and many who scored 99 percentile did not make it but some who somehow managed to get 80-85 made it into the IIM's/IIT's and other good colleges.

I personally know some people who have pain in their eyes not because they could not make it but because someone who ate with them and worked with them, made it by availing some quota that rendered him 'weak' 'remote' and 'depressed segment of society'.

But then India is a historical country with Historical Mistakes done in the past, which still cling to Our Existence.

Anyhow, recently I got to know that these reservations and quotas work in the Organizations as well, where the weaker segment of society gets easy "Promotional Offers" and "Discount Coupons".

Just consider an example:

He was born poor and his ancestors faced the evil of casteism, very bad, inhuman. The government started efforts to bring his family at par with he other castes and creeds. Government made it easy for him by giving him relaxation in education and age limits and fee [money makes the mare go]

He availed the offer, he worked hard as well [no doubt]. He entered in a good college and he availed the benefit by getting more scholarships and easy fee structure. He made it into a good company as well availing the same discount coupon. Sidewise, he learned to sit,eat,shit and sleep with people of other castes as well. He, somehow managed to stand equal to them and match their qualities, if they had any.

Now, after he graduated, he joined his 'sarkari organization' and started working their with other people. By the time appraisal times appeared, he again availed the Discount Offer and he started working as the Boss of Most talented fellow of his batch.

One day a politician came to his house asking for votes. He said, you belong to our caste, so you must vote for me. He protested but then the politician said, "Dude, I have given you the seat and post and money you are earning now. I gave you a free chance and you looted it with both hands. You were free to drop it after you earned a spot in the 'sarkari organization' but you never thought about it because it was free, effortless. But now you have become habitual of this 'free-offer' and if you want to avail it in future, Stay Connected ;)

"And he was blank because he never thought that way."

Dependency, you see, is a very dangerous thing.

The only way to restrict caste-ism is the Top Down Approach. Start eradicating reserved posts in the organizations where you earn handsome money. This way, message will pass down the spines of politicians that there is no 'Educated Parasite' in the society.

Unearned Money is the root cause of evil. The sooner it is realized, better it will do for the country, society and Individual Existence, otherwise the day is not far when people will ask caste before talking to their neighbors.