Wednesday, February 10, 2010

जय महराष्ट्र!!!

I am planning to conduct an interview with गुरु जी , later this week. After my escape from here, I am now back in form and this time interview will be much better than last time.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thanks Letter To Me + Government

Oh Boy! They work also and I would like to thank the Himachal Government for the good work.

Tarun Goel was feeling like Rajdhani Express and all the trouble started when his ass started losing its sheen and flesh because of the troublesome buses.

Tarun Goel wrote to the Transport Minister+Chief Minister+Director Transport Himachal Pradesh to start a comfortable bus from Hamirpur to Delhi, on 01-September-2009. The tone of the application cum letter was aggressive and the copies were sent to several people/authorities worldwide. He received an email from the Director of Transport on 22-October-2009, which said that the matter has been considered and the application is forwarded to the Transport Minister.

On 12-December-2009, he received another email and a letter that stated that the matter has been discussed in the Assembly and they have decided to start the bus. Another letter and email was received on 25-January-2010, which stated the bus will be started in near future.

Here are the details of the letter sent to the minister:

Dear Ministers,

I, Tarun Goel, am a frequent traveler from Hamirpur to Delhi. As the only medium of transport is bus from here to Delhi, I have to rely totally on the buses only. But it is a matter of deep regret that not even a single comfortable bus runs from the Educational Capital of the state.
There are 2 buses, which are termed as Semi-Deluxe, but the condition of those buses is just pathetic. The seats are adjustable but if one leans back on those seats then the person behind him cries all the way till he reaches his destination. The road condition is as good as the buses and they ensure that no passenger reaches his destination in single piece.
It is my sincere request that please start some good quality buses from Hamirpur like TATA AC.
The TATA AC buses are comfortable and affordable also, so please start at least 2 TATA AC buses from Hamirpur to DELHI.
It is my request that if you are not going to start the buses (TATA AC-Comfortable BUS) then please travel by these so called Semi Deluxe buses and you will yourself understand my grievances.


The bus service has started and it is the same bus that was requested by me. I went to the bus station and said जिंदाबाद and clapped also.
I don't know whether it was my threatening letter or something else that forced them to do a sensible thing but who cares. I would like to take this opportunity to thank myself for this amazing work done by me. :D :D

P.S: Those who want the solution can go here