Friday, March 5, 2010

An Old Friend and The Undertaker ;)

They say good things come in your life after hard work.
Well, I traveled by Sleeper Class to reach Hyderabad. The heat beat the shit out of my body, so I guess that was my Hard Work.
I reached ESCI at 1400 Hours and asked for my dear friend. I was told that he is in a session.
But, was that enough to stop me?
I went upstairs, peeked inside the classroom. He was sitting on the last desk, as usual. The class finished within 5 minutes and I entered inside the classroom and sat just next to him in the Undertaker Style :)
He was out of his breath to see me sitting just next to him like a ghost :)
So, the trip was good, met an old forgotten friend, Life is cool and soooper :)
The old friend was (is) Karma The Tsehring.
More to follow, the trip has just begun, more life to follow, more fun and more romance ;)