Saturday, February 28, 2015

Getting a Better Car with Quikr NXT

It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself ~ Dale Earnhardt
With Quikr NXT, things are becoming much better than what they used to be. Like selling your old car for a better one the Quikr NXT.

A better doesn't necessarily mean a new one. This might sound little confusing but stay with me here, let me show you how it works with Quikr.

I have long fantasized about selling my  dad's car because that's quite an old make. It belongs to one of those species, which if kept standing inside your garage will rob you off your monthly savings. And if they are taken to the outdoors, they'd cost even more because panting and giving up is a characteristic property of such cars.

Basically, damned if you park it, damned if you run it. But there is always someone out there looking for an update.

What you have might not be good for you, but it certainly doesn't mean that it's not good for anyone.

If I were to replace my his car, I'd certainly make use of the vast buyer-seller network of the Quikr World. Here are four best things that you can do on Quikr.

1. Browse through hundreds of available models. You don't have to visit multiple showrooms to find your deal. It's your one stop deal. Any make, be it vintage or the regular Indian Car, everything is just one click away.

2. There is always someone who is willing to upgrade. Upgrade to a new car, or a new make, by selling his/her current car, which might be far far better than your current car. There you have it. All you have to do is to make the right connection.

3. You are on your own here. No pressure of the salesman constantly nagging with you. You like it, go ahead and buy it. You don't, you don't have to feel embarrassed of walking out of the showroom. Actually you don't even walk-in, so no question of walking out either.

4. The best part being, you can ask anything about the car, read about it, find customer reviews, and then make your mind.

With all these guidelines in the place, I'd like to trade off my father's car with someone who is willing to let his upgrade be my upgrade.

If I were to make my move, I'd buy an old car that's waiting an upgrade in the market. Such cars come off cheap and if it happens to be your lucky day, you might as well hit the jackpot.

For instance, sample this

A 2010 Dzire selling for just under 400k. And you have all the options of virtually looking inside the car, giving a call to the owner, or if your shy types, chat with the owner.

So, if ever I get lucky with my dad, I'd definitely go with the Quikr World. Where hundreds of buyers meet thousands of sellers. All of them looking for an upgrade. :)

And remember folks, an upgrade doesn't always mean buying a new one. Getting lucky on Quikr is the new up-gradation.

Go Quikr!  The best place for upgrades.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentining with Asus Zenfone

Let's cut to the chase straightaway, I do love my real valentine, but its equally true that without a virtual valentine, the love affair would be incomplete. Some may choose a TV, or some may choose a popular gaming device, but I'd like to go with something that sort of comes as an All in One Package. 

A multifaceted device, you see! 

What better than an Asus Zenfone as your first second valentine. :D

Here I write my 5 reasons to have the Asus Zenfone as my valentine of this season. And I'm sure by the time you finish reading my thoughts, you too will be head over heels like me drooling over the features of this amazing device. 

1. Love at First Sight
Its not possible to explain love in words, even difficult if it is love at first sight. I mean, looking at the figure, I mean specs of this amazing device, who wouldn't fall in love with this spectacular work of technology. Have a look at this classy gadget. Isn't it beautiful? 

2. Fun Camera, Great Memories
With great camera, comes brilliant photographs. Armed with a powerful 13MP camera, ASUS fone is one hell of a Memory Caretaker. And with all those stylish tweaks, you can add special colors and flavors to your memories. The camera stays with you, no matter how bad your mood is. The camera never complains too, no matter how ugly you look. Even if you are straight out of the bed, the camera will smile flash back at you, without complaining. 

3. Colorful Companion
A colorful companion with no mood swings. Style it, own it, and customize it in your own way. And it doesn't even look fat. There are more colors to this device than all your moods and shades combined. A great way to color your life beautiful.  :D 

4. Soda Lime Glass
It has nothing to do with the beverage you were fond of drinking as a child. It's the latest and the sharpest. Just like your alter ego. Crystal Clear like the bright blue sky on a sunny day in the winters. And all you need is a wipe cloth to keep it that way forever. 

No aging problems, you see! 

5. This
If they can make a love advertisement like this, think what would they have done with the device. This is one of the finest ads I have seen. The message of love and ASUS has been subtly put forward. Don't believe me, just catch a glimpse of this beautiful #UnconditionalLove Ad. 

Are my five reasons not enough for you to rethink about your valentine options? :D

I know it isn't a difficult choice, go ahead, take a leap of faith....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

No Fikar, Chat Quikr- Go Quikr NXT!

The world of instant messaging is fast, and unlike in the late 1990s when we used to waste our times in shady chat groups assuming ourselves to be anonymous, the new chat world is safe and secure.

Being anonymous and being safe are not the same thing. That's where Quikr Chat scores big. And Quikr App makes it convenient for you to have the entire Buy-Sell world in your mobile phone.

The app has been named Quikr NXT  and rightly so because mobile is the new virtual planet we are going to live at until our brains explode. Its the NXT Gen app that makes your online buying-selling experience as smooth as silk.

I downloaded the app and worked my way around it. Here is my take why this app is a brilliant idea.

1. No Guesses Please, Ask Direct Questions

I was going through a product listed on the site and not much info was given except for the name of the product and its make.

So what did I do? 

I simply dropped a message to the seller. And within minutes I received a reply from the seller and then we had a good talk about the product.

That is cool, isn't it? You want more information about the product, go ahead and ask the seller. And as a seller you want only genuine buyers interested in your product, you simply ask your prospective buyers to contact you over the chat.

Clutter free business environment. Quick and efficient.

You talk to the buyer as if you were chatting with your friend. Not all people are comfortable with the idea of chatting with strangers.

The chat features simplifies your options.

2. Want Details? See More Pictures 
The Quikr Chat enables you to share pictures of the product you intend to buy or sell. You want to see the inside of a book, go ahead and ask for a photograph. 

You want to see the IMEI number of a mobile phone as it is, go ahead and ask for a fresh photograph. That can't happen over a phone call unless you intend to make a video call to a total stranger. 

Chat helps you to think about the deal you are about to make. It gives you ample time to think and to respond. 

3. Can't Make Up Your Mind, Come Back Later
You can not only just chat but can also go through your chat history. Sometimes you just don't want the product but just the information. Over a phone call, you can't recall what was said by whom. But with a chat history enabled chatbox, its just a matter of few clicks to recall every detail. 

That gives you the option of coming back and never worrying too much about the details. 

4. Location Based Search

Want your options sorted down for you? Narrow your search options by specifying locations nearer to your place. 

Click on the sellers close to your place, where from you can either personally go and see the condition of the product you intend to buy or have easy courier facilities available.

Now click on the chat figure ans start talking. Ask as many questions and in as many words as you want. There's no word limit.   

And it might happen that your seller lives just next door to you.

This post is written for Get Quikr NXT campaign hosted at Indiblogger.