Monday, October 15, 2012

Alive is Awesome - The Cinthol Way!

Its been quite some time that I have ventured into the Himalayas. Last Friday, TGIF I mean, I was killing my time watching Gangman videos on the YouTube. Clicking haphazardly here and there, I came across a video namely Alive is Awesome. I clicked on the video and 'tried' watching it. However, the BSNL broadband I have added to my frustration and I closed down the browser tab. A lazy night saddened by BSNL.

However, the line was so catchy that I could not help avoiding it. I decided to sacrifice '1:25' minutes of my life. I let the video stream, waited patiently for more than five minutes and eventually it turned out to be an amazing experience.

The video was about young guys singing a song and splashing water over others and themselves. Now you might ask, what's so great about splashing water on yourself or your friends. There lies the point. It was an amazing video that showed young guys full of life enjoying their escapades by dancing in the ocean, jumping from cliffs, bathing under waterfalls and what not!

Enroute Lake Parashar in Himachal
The video reminded me of my travels, the last of which happened ages ago. It motivated me to be alive again, and do all those awesome things I had done in the past.

Its never too late for anything. And there is always a next time.

Thanks to Alive is Awesome Bathing campaign, my time has come. Next time when we meet, I might be taking bath in a waterfall that falls on a road in the remote valleys of the Himalayas. 

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