Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Go Portable with Tata Sky Transfer + - The Power in is in Mobile

Remote Control is a divisive force. It divides families and sometimes even leads to great wars within the family. I've been the victim of Remote Diplomacy within my family many a time, and I can assure you when the other party is your wife or your kid, it certainly isn't a good experience. 

However, the power centers have changed, and changed for good. :)

The handheld device in your hand is the new power center. Irrespective of the make of your mobile phone, irrespective of your location, the little devil in your hands controls everything. The world of entertainment and information is evolving fast. We only have 12 hours in a day and that's just not enough.

Tata Sky +Transfer has given us what we want. This new transfer box helps us take our recorded content portable. So you don't have to stick to your TV set to watch your favorite wrestling show or the finals of US Open. With the help of your iOS or Android device, you can now pair it with the Set Top Box and there you go portable with all your recorded data. 

You want to stay updated with the ever changing world of share markets? Cool!

You want to analyze the US Open final between Federer and Novak and feel sad about the legend that once ruled the Tennis world? No problem!

You want to see the Prime Minister of India delivering inspirational speeches world over and inviting the Industrialists to invest in India? That's absolutely fine.

Or you want to laugh your heart out to silly but funny jokes of Kapil. Whatever be your choice or orientation, Tata Sky + Transfer will help you. 

Here's my Top Three programs that I'd love to watch with my Tata Sky + Transfer

1. WWE - No animals hurt, absolute fun, great acting. I'd not be shying to admit that even till date, I'm a WWE Fan. Back home it becomes difficult to keep track of this program. And moreover all the 'grown ups' in the family hate WWE. So with all the action happening in my mobile, It'd be great fun to watch the legendary wrestlers cum actors pull new stunts. Wouldn't it be? 

2. Tennis -  I never played the game. But that's the point of professional sports, you don't have to necessarily play it to watch it. But the game starts late and keeps you intrigued as late as 0400 Hours in the morning. Sometimes, you even lose track of time if it is a Djoker - Nadal face off, and end up sleeping in the office. I don't want that happening. So, Sky + would be of great help. 

3. Epic History - They show interesting stuff. They even talk about my hometown Himachal almost every week. I'd always love to watch people talking good about my home. So I would watch it every single time on the TV and on my mobile phone as well. What the heck! It's my hometown people. :)

How It Works?

All you need to do is to login to your mobile Tata Sky Mobile App and go to transfer. Then pair the device with your wi-fi and there you go. Everything that can be recorded with your Tata Sky+ will be available in your mobile too. Have Fun watching. 

Watch this video to get a little more clarity about the amazing transfer feature. With Sky+ your family wouldn't have to fight over the control of remote like these Transferkars. Everybody literally owns the remote with Sky+