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Bathing in the Dhauladhar Lakes | Alive is Awesome

This is my Ninth blog Post for Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign.

The Himalayas are awe inspiring.

You stand in front of a Himalayan Peak and then think of an incident when you were angry at someone.

If you are not delusional or intoxicated, there are only two words that will come to your mind, "Thanks and Sorry."

Close to the sky in the Dhauladhar Ranges of Himachal Pradesh, there are ten lakes in the vicinity of each other.

I always wanted to bathe in those lakes.


Call for story time :)
As a school kid, I was a great fan of Punjab Kesari (North India's Leading Hindi Daily). On the last page, they would show foreigners jumping in frozen lakes for fun and adventure. I always asked my father If we have similar lakes in Himachal. He said yes, in the Dhauladhar Ranges. I decided to jump in one of those lakes one day. 
This happened in 1999, when I was 14 years old. 
Several years have passed since then. I even lived in Dharamsala for two years where from those lakes were just a matter of few hours, yet I couldn't go.  
Lakes of Dhauladhar
Alive is Awesome videos, pics, and my own stories from the past have now motivated me to embark on a journey of a lifetime, to accomplish a childhood dream. I still remember those foreigners jumping with joy on those last pages of that newspaper.

These lakes are all above 3000 meters from the sea level. The water freezes in the night time. There is no camping base either. One has to hide under the rocks and sheds, bivouacking remains the only option to stay alive.

Still I want to do it?
Yes, because the Himalayas never fail you. Whenever they call, you must go.

I have done many treks in my life but this Lake Trek is something I have always dreamed of. 13 years is a very long period, childhood dreams often get evaporated with time. But this one stayed with me and now because I have experienced the Alive is Awesome joy, its high time that I embark on this journey.

One has to climb three different mountain passes to reach these lakes. Even the names of these lakes are mysterious. Naag Dal (King Cobra Lake), Laam Dal, Chanderkup Lake (Moon Shaped Well Lake) and so on.

Here are some pictures of those lakes.

Lama Dal, Dhaualdhar Ranges

Nag Dal

My Friend Rijul. The Lucky Chap!

P.S. Thank you Cinthol for this amazing opportunity and Rijul for all these photographs.

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