Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Interview with Mayawati

A Crazy Interview with a CRAZY Personality............

TG: Hi madam, I am pleased to have an opportunity to talk to you.
Mayawati: I am also bery much pleazed to meet you, flashes her yellow colored handbag, and her gold bangles. (Bright Yellow Color Sucks)
TG: Can I address you as Maya?
Mayawati: Yeah sure, but then you have to pay me 5,000 INR.
TG(perplexed): But I am not as rich as you and moreover I don't have 5 INR's, forget about 5000.

Mayawati: Then call me Madam, I love to be respected.
TG: But respect can not be demanded, I guess.
Mayawati: When you are a "dalit", you have to demand it.
TG: But that was the story of 1960's. Now the time has changed and if it has not, then you are the one to be blamed for it. You guys are running the governments in States and Country, and you are busy erecting scarecrows. :D
Mayawati(Looking towards Raja Bhaiya): I hope you are not hinting towards my latest venture.
TG(Looking towards Raja Bhaiya and realising the truth of Life): No, I am not.
Mayawati:Good, you understand almost everything.
TG: So, what are your future plans? What do you intend to do for the growth of country?
Mayawati: I demand "DALITLAND"?
TG(WTF Expression): What is that?
Maywati: That is similar to "Gorkhaland in Darjeeling, Marathaland in Maharashtra, Bodoland in Nagaland". This is fight for the right.
TG: But, how can you decide right and wrong without taking everyone into consideration. Tommorow I will demand "sundernagarland", Emraan Hashmi will demand "flatland", then what will we do?

Mayawati: Dude, who runs the show?
TG(a perfect loser look): You do, Madam.
Mayawati: Then who decides right and wrong?
TG: You do, madam.
Mayawati: Good, bery goooood.
TG: How will this "Dalitland" look like? Will it be in India or some other country or planet?
Mayawati: We are planning to convert half of the INDIA into dalitland, because the way I am asking for reservations only dalits will be left in this country, so we need large area to live like non-dalits.
TG: What about the poor dalits of the country?
Maywati: We are trying to help them by giving them additional reservations in buses, trains, jobs. Recently we have made it mandatory to reserve seats for dalit's in Private Jobs as well.
TG: But these things come after education. Where are education related measures?
Mayawati: That is not our job. It is central government's job.
TG: How much time will it take to reach at the same level as non-dalit's?
Mayawati: We are trying to figure it out by bringing in more and more reservations. Earlier, the temples were banned for dalit's, now we are making it sure that 33 percent of the pujari's are dalit's. We know, how to pay in the same coin. (Smiles and Lo! Yellow Teeth Flash, Flash, Flash)
TG(trying to relate the answer with question) : But is it not the same mistake which lead our country to an abysmal [ass] hole?
Maywati: All I am concerned about is a Dalit, the way Sangh's and Parishad's are concerned about Hindu's only, so I am no different.
TG: Thanks a lot.
Mayawati: These type of thanks do not work with me. When you leave from here, just next to the gate, there is a cash counter, donate whatever you want to, that will be the thanks accepted heartily. Minimum amount is 5001.
TG leaves scratching his head like a fucking loser.

Moral of the Story: We learn from history that we don't learn from history.

P.S: No criticism, it is all fun. I don't care about dalit's, hindu's, muslim's etc. etc., Actually deep down inside, no body does.
It has nothing to do with any famous personality :P


Uncommon Sense said...

I guess maya had a chance, a chance to be remembered as someone great. she had everything with her, with which she cud have done some good things.. but u c thts how the power gets into your head and makes u do stupid things...
these are just the last days for her, she has realised and thts y she is building status... to be remembered.. but more the people see those status there will be more hatred in them..

end of mayawati is near

Tarun Goel said...

Absolutely true but I don't think it is out of fear or something like that, she has some psychological disorder. :D

Smita said...

My God!!! This is an awesome read...

I lol @ "because the way I am asking for reservations only dalits will be left in this country, so we need large area to live like non-dalits."

The post is full of a satire which sadly is the truth of Mayawati's of this world!!! They demand money/ gold as if it is their birth right. We must learn from people like these as to how to use their disadvantage to advantage!!!

The less I say about the lady the better it is but trust me I so so agree with ur post!!!

Hilarious :D

Tarun Goel said...

@Smita-Yes definitely. I also agree with every thing you say, but whatever she is doing, she is doing it perfectly :)

Smita said...

Oh absolutely!!!

abhishek gupta said...

hmmm..nice one...tabahi post...

i read all the post at current page today only but this one was awesome....

But maya aunty ne ye padh liya to kya hoga??? :p :P :P

Dawn....सेहर said...

This was funny and information as not much in touch with the politics out there however heard some of the jokes they crack on Maya...
Thanks buddy :)
Hope you are doing fine.

Tarun Goel said...

abhishek-does such character exist? How can such character exist, I just can't believe, you must be lying :)
Dawn-thanx :

Manish Jain said...

New version of Tedhi baat - Tarun ke saath
Creativit at its best...

Anonymous said...

Beats my "conversation" blog posts any day!
Way to go, TG!