Wednesday, August 5, 2009

मिले सुर मेरा तुम्हारा

Hope, you remember this. If not, then you are not an Indian, because this is what makes an Indian an Indian :)
Actually it has nothing to do with India or Afghanistan or Uganda, it is just a sweet childhood memory.

I was mesmerized to see this video after so many years. I had goose bumps, I watched it 22 times since morning and I love it.

I don't know why have they stopped airing all these beautiful videos nowadays, because these are the real times to "milao sur" with each other.
Doordarshan was not that bad.
Doordarshan rocks :)
Go Here for your e-Signatures, it is koooooool :)

P.S: The tourism is still on, going to Vijaywada on 11 till 18.


vimmuuu said...

ohhh this video still gives me goosebumps. Especially the music at the end, it takes me to another level !!!

Strider said...

well yeah.. such videos actually instill nationality and a sense of belongingness.. i wonder too! then i know that they have lost their space in today's commerce-oriented-world.. at least guys@doordarshan can broadcast them..

the title of song is what actually 'Stick Together- Kollace Tagline' means!!

Uncommon Sense said...

it is still aired on doordarshan, i saw it recently..

Smita said...

Arrey aaj hi I & another fren were remembering good old DD Days!!!

Sigh!!! Waiting for a specific prog to come on a specific say, those were the days!!!

BTW I remember this song by heart :)

Anonymous said...

Awesomest song ever!