Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some More Old Day(s) Memories :)

See more audios here.
See more videos here
I am obsessed :)


Smita said...

lol!!! U know I saw the title in Reader and came here to say, "what man on nostalgic trail yet again" and you have urself written "I am obsessed :)" :D

I love the ek anek song & also I remember the Moguli song so well...

Awesome voices the kids had :)

Anonymous said...

if u remember there was a morning show ,which later on started telecast on some other private channel .not sure but it's name was "GOoD MORNING INDIA"
the theme track of that program was very much refreshing and even today when it click to my mind i feel relax

The Survivor said...

Thanks for posting the link, I was looking for them.

Man, those were some days and today's soaps don't even have that presence and are too cliched.