Monday, June 22, 2009

Satyam Saga

This is the first time I am going public with the name of the company I used to work with, although most of the understanding people understood that the company was Satyam, but now it is time to say something :D
Day of Joining, the day I was supposed to sign the bond, I wanted to leave but could not. Later on I realized that I am a Satyam employee who has signed a bond against 2Lakh INR/- for 2 years, so I could not even think about leaving.
Why I wanted to leave?-Because I knew my strengths as far as software programming was concerned and I did not want to belittle myself, as I love myself the most in this universe.
Then, Why did I join?- Because I wanted to see how big the big corporate world is.(to my amazement, nothing is big out there, almost half of the software industry says this)

So I ended up in Satyam Technology Park in a room where I sulked for 4 months. They trained an ass like me on various things which were beyond my scope, they gave me 20-24k per month which I spent on buying tonnes of books.
Now comes the interesting part, we were a batch of 26 people from various N.I.T's and BITS Pilani. Our managers used to repeat again and again that we will be sent directly to the client location [America], so we should work hard. Me and few other hyper-intelligent beings like me always knew that this is all bull~crap, so we never took that seriously, however some studious type kids took that seriously and worked like dogs and cats and monkeys and donkeys :D

Ultimately, what did they get, a kick in the face by the Satyam's Ill Management. I quit my job, so did another 2-3 people but the rest of the team was thrown out of the company for no fault of theirs.
By the time training was about to end, our managers had no clue what to do with us. Some of them said, you will go to Pune(Head Domain Office), some said to Client Location [:D] and those who were true and honest told us directly,"Nobody knows what to do with you guys."
That was the moment when a lot of guys turned violent and hopeful altogether.

Then we were sent to the Big City Bangalore, with a HUGE relocation amount. Just because we were given HUGE relocation amount, people thought we will be given a project(which I knew, will never happen) Finally, we saw, I pray, no one should see in his/her life.
A big office was there, but with not enough seats/chairs for the employees.
A large number of employees, with no work at all.
A huge bench(Reserve Strength of Employees) which seemed to me, a permanent one.
A lot of Software Engineers, roaming here and there like dogs with no computers(Can you believe this!!) at all.
People were "free" for the last 12-15-18 months and those assholes were still waiting for their "Projects". After graduating from one of the best Institutes of the country, no one wants to see "this."However, deep in my heart, I know that no body can change the Indian Service Sector Scenario.

I had fun in Bangalore, as I lived the full month with my girlfriend.
We searched for a flat in Bangalore, and towards the end of the month we were able to find a good~nice~cheap flat, we paid the token money for it and LO! Satyam Management says that we have to leave for Pune immediately. The token money was, no doubt, eaten up by the to~be landlord.
I was more than happy to leave Bangalore. I still thank Satyam that they made me see a lot of places in the country.

As we moved out of Bangalore, again people clinged to their false hopes of getting a Project. The reason that was given for our shifting to Pune was," Because of some miss~communication you guys are in Bangalore. However you were supposed to be in Pune, so this is the time to go."
Now that is enough, are you running a Goddamn Company or a Jumbo Circus???
But as usual, I was happy. One more city in my cap. Then came the final blow to the "Project Hopes". Ramalinga Uncle had struck and it was a hard blow. I was, as usual, happy again :)
After being a tourist for 9 months, in fact a paid tourist, it was time to go home and Rama Uncle gave me a chance to leave the company without paying 2Lakh INR/- I quit my job and was a free bird again.

The moment Ramalinga resigned, all hell broke lose, I don't know how, but he was managing the company very well, paying all the existing as well as non~existing employees without work.
But as soon as he fell down, people lost their brains and started working with double force and power but later on they were sacked by the unknown management.
No sympathies here, all is well with everyone I know and I pray the same for all I don't know, because it is always better to face the worse as early as possible.
Life is and will be Beautiful for all of the sacked souls :)


Uncommon Sense said...

I never worked for any company so i dont have much idea about how it functions,,,

i wonder if all companies keep these kind of extra employees without any work.

Good thing was that, you didnt have to work and made the money for not working,, thts good

Tarun Goel said...

Yeah they do.
They are[Indians] are optimistic to the levels of foolishness, don't know why they keep bench strenght, all companies included[TCS?WIPRO etc.]

Chhaya said...

Hey Tarun...

My first comment on Maya's blog was the same .. "Our names rhyme" but then he told me its just a nickname :D

abt ur post.. i am rotflmao.. i mean.. its the same in almost all the software firms. i tell u, IT ppl are better off working in non-IT-centric a DBA working for a finance investment firm.

there are two companies that stink.. ur ex (Satyam) and then the biggest lala company off all...
can u guess which one?

PS: following u now

Tarun Goel said...

I guess infy??

Chhaya said...

what abt the one with two brothers.. bantwara.. philmee ishtyle... THE lala company of india :D

guess guess should "bhai" easy to guess ..

btw, almost forgot to mention the last time... we share the weakness for good books.. i coudnt even bring myself to fill in all the names of books that i own/like, but nice to see Ayn Rand's books and the russian lit in ur list. they are in mine too

Tarun Goel said...

The Teena Munim and co :D
I love ayn rand, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy Uncle
I own almost 1100 books, all mine, al original, thanks to Satyam Salary :)

Chhaya said...

Yevegeny Bazarov was my first love :-|

i have never met another person who has heard of him... u must have ;)

btw, read my old stuff if u ever have time..

Tarun Goel said...

Yeah, for sure :)Will do that....

No I have not heard of him/her :(

Chhaya said...

Darn it.. Et tu Traun???

Bazarov was the guy in Father's and Sons.. Turgenev's Best known work.

and it was a guy!!!!

im straight :-/

Tarun Goel said...

Oh! may be you are :D
Well I m honest, I really don't know him.
Crime and Punishment?

Rahul Anand said...

First time here. Impressive writing. Ok, will dig through your older posts now.

Bedazzled said...

Gosh it was this bad?? but thanks to rama uncle u did get u r bond waived .. silver lining ,i say !

d gypsy! said...

eh, old news for me now...but nyways...

i guess ol corporates make their employees work their ass off...

Smita said...

That was some experience & am sure u learnt something out of it :-)

I hope u r busy chasing ur dream n enjoying it as well :-)

honey said...

so...again u started ur crap..!!noone can stop u seriously!!ppl r dying here and u r happily making fun of us....
wat man???

Tarun Goel said...

Honesty is the Best Policy, sweetheart.
You also know that!!

Narayana Swamy K said...

crazy man!! You got treated like a freaking soccer ball.. kicked about!
Its a mad world.. to add to the chaos, ramalinga anna and good ol recession!