Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am a Free Bird

Torture, Pain, Depression, Anguish I know what are all these terms because I was in a place where I was not supposed to be, but you know a MAN has to be responsible for the choices being made. But now its all over now, I am a Free Bird :) I resigned from my job on 16th March, and as I was under some fucking bond, I was supposed to take care of that, so that I could come out of the company intact because if I would have to pay the bond I would have to sell my kidney :)

I came to Hyderabad(Company's Head Office) on 17th thought of settling down everything [money related business with the bank and company] but then I got to know that my bond has not been waived-off. I was gone, dead!

But you know I have learnt a lot of things and I have learnt them in real sense :), so I didn't lose my cool, tried to analyze the situation and analyzed it well, mailed the concerned HR, he was on leave, he assigned some other person for my case, he or to be precise she was not interested in me.

Finally I ended up in mailing each and every person of HR team in my circle :D, people who were never supposed to know me even if I died called me and asked me what was that I wanted!!

I told them and they told me that I am confused, I knew I was not but they made me beleive that I was :), poor me. Finally I read something, "In God man can find very strong consolation and support. Without Him, the man has to depend upon himself. To stand upon one's own legs amid storms and hurricanes is not a child's play. " It has nothing to do with God or Devil, all I want to say is I knew and I beleived that I was right. At moment I was really scared to call the HR person to know the bond status, but you know its better to face the worse early in Life, and I faced it and it was not worse, it was the best. He said,"You are free" [he said something else but he meant this only]

It took a lot of time, no one was willing to tell me clearly where do I stand, but now I know where am I, I have earned it. Some of my friends were asking me,"What will you do after you go from here?" I didn't say but I thought [and I believe], is it mandatory to do something?? I will go back to Pune from Hyderabad then will move around INDIA to se my country. I don't have any plans, but I will go back relax fot two three months, I don't know what will I do after leaving but one thing is for sure :D
In the end see what Ozy Ozborne says "Times have changed and times are strange, here I come, but I aint the same, Mama, Im coming home"
Edited Part: One of my friends asked me that where will you. I told her that I don't know because birds never know. All they know is flying irrespective of boundaries and dimensions.
Isn't that good?? :D


Smita said...

I am sure you are a relieved man :-)

Trust me it takes guts to leave everything to chase your dreams. I have always been wanting to do it but never did anything for it...I salute u for doing it :-)

Make the most of this time....Enjoy! Explore! and Explore some more :)

Tarun Goel said...

Thankx, I also know that it takes something more than what we have to do "something" e want :D

Leo P L said...

I know this situation, have been thorugh a similar spot in the past. The bird stuff have read that in the Bible and love that phrase...


Anonymous said...

Oppppsssssss :O
now where is the nest ,
sorry i mean next destination of this freaky bird

Bedazzled said...

hey .. dats sooper .. u take me back 7 months in my life /.. i felt like that too . and despite the fact that i had to pay up notice amount , i felt so relieved.. have fun discovering u r self !!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Boy!!! that's totally slavery!!! I can't believe it happens in India???

I will say enjoy your freedom and I am happy you are out of it.
All the best dear you will win in life

tarun said...

It happens dear, it is happenning here, you sign the bond, they will make you do nothing, literally nothing and by the time the bond ends, you are worthy of doing nothing :D

Rahul Gupta said...

$€¢££¥¥£€¢$¤°£€¥¥£€¤°¢$¤°£¥¥€€¢¢$¤$$¢€€££¥¥££€$###¥£¢¢€£¢¢¤°¤°$¤$¢€£°¥£€#£¢#£¢°¢¤£¥€$$#¥££€¢$€¢€¥£¢¢€¥¥¥£€¢$¢$¢€€£¥.there's a lot.

Dawn....सेहर said...

He I was just going through my comments and realized you wanted to play the game and so here is your alphabet a right one for the right moment ;)

Sunil said...


Many Congratulations for the freedom.
The greatest freedom of life is doing things you love your way. Now important thing which lies ahead of you is to decide what you love.
Afterall freedom comes bundeled with reponsibilities.

have a nice time. :)

krystyna said...

"I am a free bird" - sounds good.
But I'm sure you as a free bird will find soon what you like to do.
I wish you the best in your life!
Be strong!
Never loose hope!
Take care Tarun!

AmitASH said...

Reading your blogs after quite a long( was off to some distant place.. ;-).You've posted quite a lot,.good ones.. :)
Tarun I agree that you did a great job by getting rid of a job which had no future..no life left in it..most of us are just sick of this job's ennui & uncertainty ahead.
I might follow the suit..but as of now Ive left it on them to kick me off the job..:-P, I mean havent been to office for around a couple of months..:D..n in the meantime I had been home..forgot to mention Im also preparing for CAT as well..
Anyways I must tell you..you'll soon see many followers behind you..Enjoy your time ahead boy & do what you're best at..:-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!

When I left my job last year (there was no bond tho), it felt so friggin liberating! And since then, the rural development project at IISc just felt perfect, like I am finally doing something worthwhile with my life.

I hope you have an amazing time backpacking across the country!

Dawn....सेहर said...

How are you doing my mate? Hope all is fine...keep the spirit high...even though surroundings make you feel otherwise...
Good Luck
Cheers - Happy Fool's Day ;)

Maya said...

you are going the right way dude.. you need to relax, and just experience of pleasure of doing nothing.

honey said...

Chalo, left the company, left pune, left us(forever??)...
There are very few ppl who do the things they love to do instead of loving the things they do do...(guess u got it??)..life is beautiful....atleast express ur gratitude towards the company who gave u such a sweet ppl like us yaar...I hope u remember us??
enough psenti,...hows life thr??