Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Shoe Stoppers

The Sikkim trip refreshed all my childhood memories. In train when I was struggling against the talented people of U.P. and Bihar, The Upper Berth reminded me of my misdeeds. What goes around that comes around, someone said, I guess that is correct.
Here it goes......
Once upon a time me and my twin brother were going to Chandigarh for our NDA test, the buses on the Manali-Delhi route were as usual over crowded, so both of us boarded a Volvo Bus, and if you ever had the fun/chance to ride the Volvo, you better know that all you can do is close your eyes and you will get up only at your destination. As a matter of fact, that was our very first chance to get inside The Volvo, so we were excited and in that excitement my brother removed his slippers, which actually belonged to my father and he had borrowed them after forcing dad to remove them [what a way of borrowing!!]. He kept his legs on the back of the next seat and slept as if bus belonged to our dad. Later on when we both got up, we realized that we were about to reach Chandigarh, so then he started looking for his slippers. I repeatedly kept warning him that you will loose them and he lost them finally :)
They were, no doubt, in the bus only but we were too shy to go beneath each and every seat and request the sleeping Elite Class Passengers to help us. So then the Thieves popped out of no where and told us,"Why don't steal the shoes of the passenger in the next seat? It is easy, simple and moreover he can afford another pair easily :)" [Of course, we could have also got a new pair but at 12 midnight it was out of question, so we decided his sacrifice for us :)]

I extended my feet and in a flash his shoes were on our side. Luckily, it was exactly the same size, so the moment bus entered the bus stand, we covered his [my brothers] feet and almost jumped out of the running bus. Later on my brother said that it was unfair, so he decided to walk barefoot and sacrifice back the shoes but the bus was almost out of the stand and we equally shared the "paap"[sin]

Now comes the best part. The hardest part was to convince Dad, so while writing the test I cooked up one story, no doubt I couldn't clear the test, as I was sleeping and laughing throughout it :). We told dad that the test center had some poor electricity machinery [blah, blah, blah] and halfway through the test the building was on fire and we ran away with those shoes because our slippers were already stolen by someone :D Dad knew that there is something else but he never asked and we never told.
While traveling through U.P and Bihar I was wondering whether my shoes are still there or not all the time :) No body stole my shoes, luckily.

Moral of the Story: What goes around that comes around.


Bedazzled said...

lol.. what goes arnd comes around indeed !

Anonymous said...

You have a twin brother?
And you both stole shoes?
Wow and wow!

Tarun Goel said...

YEs we did :)

Strider said...

ha.. sin!!

u were very glad to have done that.. rem!

abhishek gupta said...

matlab bachpan s hi tabahi machate aa rahe ho tum....

thats nice that u confess ur sin

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! after a long gap indeed - had work load but seems like a chupa rustam ;)!
I think in fun everything is fair...reading made me also enjoy your moments :)
Have fun and keep smiling

naveen said...

bawaa...... jab t@##% g@&% me (wahi wala muhawara :P ) hote hain to sab jayaz hai :P