Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mini Post

Some stories which I heard/saw/said have the following "morals" :

1 Everyone should visit Sikkim, It is beautiful, low populated and an Indian State.

2. Earlier I said while traveling through Bihar, U.P one should not go by sleeper and should go by A.C class. But, now I am back from Sikkim and I did come by A.C., so here I make another announcement/request: No one should travel through U.P and Bihar at all, these two states are dangerous for a normal human being :(

3. Those who want to quit smoking, must listen to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan :)

4. Delhi is a very hot place where the air is not air anymore, it is a combination of poisonous gases. But still, I love Delhi, everyone does actually :)

5. Kollace is doing good :)

6. Once upon a time there was a lion in the jungle, he died all of a sudden :P

Edited Part: Satyam kicked all of my friends :P


Nishit said...

so u r back to Himachal.....r u going to start new venture of ur consultancy do ask me coz i m jobless nw and don't want to again join IT industry....what is the relation between nusrat and quitting smoking???
I have a complaint against u.....u haven't read my blogs till now or if u hv read then u forgot to post comment....please do it as comments in ur blog are the only source of motivation to write more

Anonymous said...

Lol....maybe the lion went by train through UP or Bihar!
I hope there will be a post soon on what plans next?

Smita said...

I agree with you on all points. Specially the 1st & 2nd ones :)

Narayana Swamy K said...

Neat stuff man.. Love the randomness of thoughts :) keep posting