Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ignorance and Technology

"Visual Studio 2010 is out. Attend the Webinar( something like seminar)", this is what my desktop wallpaper was saying when I switched on my desktop in the company few days back.
I was not able to establish the connection between the database and application and Lo! Microsoft people have moved to the next level. I still remember that during my training days, 3 months back, we-26 people, used to work very hard, trying to know new things and implement them alongside.Although I don't know much about all these technological codes and servers and clients and ASP and anything else but still I remember how hard some fresh graduates from college used to work day in and out to meet the expectations of our employer.Even I(who is allergic to any kind of hard work) struggled hard to put the validations in the log in screen, e.g: User Name not valid, Password is short etc etc.
Now just after 3 months, what I find is all these things are ready made by the mighty Microsoftian's :) in the 3.5 version.You find the log in-screen ready made. Then something called Ajax makes your head spin when you have to write it in JavaScript file(.js) in 2.0 you don't even know where in the hell that Goddamn error is, although I didn't write any Ajax [beyond my scope] but I knew the pain and labor in creating the Ajax enabled applications, especially when you have to write the code. Now in the 3.5 Visual Studio these Ajax things are coming as an extension, so Cheers!!! No need to type the code just drag and drop :)
I don't even know when was 2.0 launched and when was 3.5 launched :), if you know then let me know.

It seems to me that on some remote part of earth there is a place called America where an organization called Microsoft is adamant on automating the things that can be done easily by the dozens of cheap Indian Engineers and all other sort of people easily available here round the clock.The world is running very hard and fast and to remain at par with the developments we need to adopt an intelligent approach. As I am talking about the 2.0 and 3.5 people have started talking as well as working on the 4.0 Beta Version.During my training time, the people who used to evaluate our applications are found in the Office Library every now and then trying to understand the 3.5 version but you see, now they don't have to worry, they have to move to the next level. Come and learn 4.0 and by the time you gain mastery in it, they will come up with Robots, you might have to go home.
There are a lot of features like LINQ [PLINQ is also coming, someone told me] so no need of SQL server trained people. Silverlite is there, which I always thought of some hardware device and which turned out to be some sort of UI Enhancer :), working on which will make you feel like working on Adobe Photoshop, this is what I felt.This way the people who are trained in the earlier technologies, they will have to run hard so as to survive. They read 1.0, then 2.0, then 3.5 and then 4.0 and who knows what else is coming up.This way the whole generations will be swept away, people will never find solace or peace or whatever, the way that Invigilator of mine was studying in the library, the way my fellow batch mates wrote codes for Ajax and a lot of such things which I don't even know by name, by toiling like donkeys and just after three months almost all of them are found [:)] saying, "All we did was bull-shit." This is all about Visual Studio, there will be so many softwares and so many tools which are changing rapidly with time. So the probable solution for the problem can be this," Ignorance is bliss, so bask in the glory of ignorance. Whats the use of working hard when some intelligent people are already breaking their back for the development of this world :)"
Because apart from this no Intelligent Approach comes to mind because the servicing Indians are not having enough space to think and react and get back to their senses. So enjoy, Life is Beautiful :)

P.S : Everything typed in this post is all I know about the technology, so if there is any miss-take then please don't take it, do your own research :)


honey said...

U are aware that I am as good as u!!lets see who all will match our frequencies and who ll join our chorus :) :)
welcome to all fools :D

Rahul Gupta said...

o bhai..

kuch ni... tech tech tech technology...

cheers tech lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!

one two threee.... tech no logeee
three two one... msoft is champion.

PS:please publically no personal comments.
reach when n where appropiate.
till then... enjoy the techie techie techie...

Ankesh at Talk said...

Baap re baap ye Microsoft hum jaise masum baccho ki jaan leke chorenge lagta hai...khud to sara din dabe ke samne baet ke jindagi barwad kar rahe hai aur inke chALTE HUM BHI barwad ho jayenge...koi bachao is technology se....:-)
Hey bhagwan koi to bachao...

Anonymous said...

:( am soo sorry smehow linq..plinq..words like these just make me blink! technology nd me are as far as north & south poles!

Tarun Goel said...

@Verbi-Same here :)
I am as efficient as you or any other school going kid. I guess i have some firewall installed in my mind against all these mathematical/technological situations :D

krystyna said...

Visual Studio 2010 sounds very helpful and innovative.
If I only could understand all these technology code.
Thanks for sharing!

Only the best for you!

Nishit_Vasudeva said...

It seems u r fed up of IT job...It is sucking u but remember dear friend u were marvellous in training and among the top 3 of your batch...Satyam is unfortunately hit by recession as well as Raju's wrong doing...we have to keep updating our knowledge accordingly and keep ourselves updated with latest trent in market...vaise it's good that u are leaving this sucking job and do try for some core job coz i know u hv a great mind and no one can stop gr8 minds from success

Tarun Goel said...

:D Don't disclose all these details here boss, in case some one reads it then will keep me back here which is the last [not even the last] thing I want.
No problem with company, no problen with Raju's, its my personal problem that I can't stay here :)

Indian Home Maker said...


Dawn....सेहर said...

Cool post I must say Tarun :) ...that's how fast is technology and time too ...imagine we running to catch up with that pace ;)
I still rememeber when here we go to stores like Frys, Radio Shack ...and people are trying to get the glance of the books for dummies hahaha and yet they don't want others to see that!
Interesting and btw good to put that clause at the end so as no one can sue you
I enjoyed and you took back through some of the memory lanes dear
Hats off to you

Tarun Goel said...

:) Thanx a lot