Saturday, October 25, 2008


Singing Buddha is what American people call him, "My Elvis" is name given to him by the Rock Star Jeff Buckley, some people directly see him as GOD. This is what world knows about him. He sang some thousands of songs(Qawwalli's) , he sang some same songs in very different styles, he performed live all over the world, he made people bang their head by playing Intoxication, Sweet Pain and a lot of songs of the psychedelic genre(I do believe his music is absolute psychedelic stuff ever existed).

He was the one who accompanied me throughout my solitary engineering years, whenever I felt low, his Godly voice was there to sooth me. I have, I think, each and every song sung by him with me, but every now and then I find some new songs, coming up from where I do not know. I believe he is still singing for me, for you and for all who love him.The song, "Sanu ik pal chain na aavay sajna tairay bina", has been sung in 6 different styles by him, I mean I have 6 different versions of this song, how much more are there, I do not know.

He performed in Europian countries with Michael Brooks, in front of the audience who did not know any Hindi or Urdu, but still every song went fo an Encore.

To read more about him you can go to the There are few favorites of mine which I would like to share-
1. Sanu ik pal chain na aavay sajna tairay bina
2. Intoxication
3. Sweet Pain
4. Allah-ho
5. Gham hai ya Khushi hai Tu
Listen to him, you will find yourself in trance.


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW, I loved this post a lot because NFAK sahab is one of my favs. Amazing, I have heard all of his songs that you have mentioned and yes it is true he is respected all over the world.
Thanks dear for such a nice moment
Keep writing

vinod said...

All what u have written is amazing.....