Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chemical Imbalance-Trichotillomania

I have achieved one more milestone in my life. As if all the other disorders were not sufficient, I have come to know that I suffering from Trichotillomania as well :P. I am having a (bad) habit of pulling my beard just below the chin since my early days of growing it.So if I do not shave for 3-4 days, I just develop a bald patch(elliptical in shape) and that particular area becomes very soft and I just enjoy rubbing that area.

I told all this to my [psychologist] girlfriend and she told me that I am suffering from Trichotillomania :P. I used to think that this was some sexual disorder but this turned out to be something else.

I'll let you know what all happens in it, I'll explain you my case(as if I am an expert maniac :P)
Whenever I read something, which I do all the times, my hand automatically goes near my neck and starts working quite efficiently and within no time I just pull each and every hair in that area. I am able to turn the pages of the book, but can not remember what all I read.
Experts say that this is because of the chemical imbalance in the brain, and the only remedy is Special Behavior Techniques. Nowadays I am practicing all those practices and when I recover I'll get back to you with some tips and tricks to avoid this.

If anyone of you is havig the same habit of pulling the hair, then congrats boss, you are also a Trichotillomaniac like me.


honey said...

haha..I told you not to rub like that many times na...but u never listen to me naa...see now!!U deserve it...:P :P but don worry I will pray.

Nautankey said...

Oh i used to do it when I was studying for my board exams..but not the chin it was the if i do a hair cut a small arid piece of land cud be found :)... stopped it after coming to college though,as there was no need to do any heavy duty studying :P

Tarun Goel said...

So you are thorugh that phase. I am glad to hear that, I am still stuck with the mania :(