Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Real World of Comics

When I was a kid, people used to say,"Do not read comics, they don't teach any real thing". I am 22 now and I have learnt a lot of things from them only.But let us not care about people and go back to my Real World of Comics.

I was too much into comics, until I left the college, after that I am not getting the chance to read them, but I think that I am still into the comics.
It started when I was in 4th or 5th class. I started with CHAMPAK then I moved into the advanced level of Manoj Comics and finally I reached the expert level of RAJ COMICS. Believe me my progress was phenomenal, I crossed all these stages within one month.

Since my childhood I loved Super Commando Dhruva, he was my imagination of a perfect man. He is, what I believe, a Super Human.
The price used to be 6rupee for the small one and 12 rupees for digest's, at that time. Then there were some big-big comics of Fighter-Toads which came for some 20 rupees and they were beyod my scope, poor me.
Then the entrepreneur inside me prompted me to start a library of my own, to grow my collection of comics as well as to outshine the richies of my locality. So I started a library on my own and engaged some fools as well, for the distribution and collection purposes.We used to rent the 6rupee one for 1rupee and the 12 rupee one for 2rupees. I still remember that the first month's collection was 30 rupees. My sister used to be our Account Manager.Then I started buying the comics and keeping them for my personal collection,but after some time, the fools engaged started crying and somehow I ran that library for some 3-4 months and finally I had to abandon the whole idea because the fools were behaving in a sensitive manner and believe me, it is dangerous to run a business with sensible fools.The business can flourish only if you are having either purely sensible or utter fools, no middle one's required.

The journey continued, I moved into 9th class, that time I was having enough money with me,(Don't ask me How,Trade Secret,ya I was running some other businesses as well) to buy the comics. But then there are a lot of issues which make life miserable and bloody Inflation is one of them. The rates started increasing and 6 was 8, and 12 became 16 :(

I fought and the journey went on and on, my collection grew to a damnn 800 comics.In the meantime I moved into my higher secondary and the collection kept growing. Then again the trifles of Life worried me and I lost my contact with my beloved comics for the next one year. But thanks to the free internet facility provided by NIT HAMIRPUR, which enabled me to meet my loved ones one more time. I downloaded the comics like hell and kept the last working day of my college for reading comics exclusively. Finally after one whole semester I found myself at par with the new generation kids :P. I have 4GB of comics with me.
But then there is one more bloody thing called FATE, my brother and my dad sold all my comics to the "Kabadi" and every thing went away :(, but let us not talk about that, it is a sad story.

Nowadays I'm in a bloody job, so can not find time to read them but I'll fight and get back to the Real World of Comics.

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honey said...

Seems like, you are really busy :P :P.Enjoy bench and go to the real world of comics again!!