Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Less Privileged

"This Life is a journey, we all are pilgrims. Some pilgrims have better road maps." by unknown

I have a bookmark which says the above said thing. It has been said by some great person(I don't remember the name), and the point is that I don't believe it, but time and again I see the things happening around me which make the above said statement more and more prominent.

Last Saturday,Me and my colleagues went to visit an ORPHANAGE. I did not want to go at the first place but then I decided to go. So we reached there after an hour and then we started our charity show or whatever fuck that was. I was not feeling anything till I entered that bloody orphanage but then I realized that all the kids living there were not having even a single parent of theirs alive, may be they are alive but it hardly makes any difference to them.

There were 182 kids staying in that orphanage and as I expected there were 116 girls and 66 boys. Incidentally I entered the "all-girls" section first of all(they were all between 1-5 years). Then I stayed there for some time and talked to the attendants and then I was told the "Story of Privileges".

One of the girl was thrown in front of a grocery store, other one was left on the heap of crap, one was just left on the street, needless to say they were not older than 1 day.
It made me think that they have survived such a thing so they surely would have been very lucky, but then there was the real part of the story, they were left alone by some stupids and morons to be killed by anyone, be it air, sun, rain, dog or cat.

The story does not end here, there were some 82 0r 83 kids among the 182 who were physically and mentally (as well) challenged. One of them was not having any senses at all and when I say "no senses", then I mean it. She was not aware of anything surrounding her. Her head was hanging to her left and when someone tried to straighten her head, it just drifted to the other side like a dead person. Someone left her on the street.

After coming out of that orphanage I just laughed like anything, I don't why, may be because I am having better road map,may be because I am not an orphan or may be because they are less privileged than me.


Linoy said...

hey common dude tht was a bit rude ending......nways gud of u to visit and share about it..

Ankesh at Talk said...

Dude may be I can make out wat y u wld be probably on fate dat dey had..n may be on how much we hv need 2 do , 2 change dere fate, if we can, for one day only...Hope i got u...

AmitASH said...

I honestly feel this comparison of us "the privileged ones" & those less privileged beings is not fair by any means..
Tarun don’t you feel it’s quite atypical of you to laugh at it..(you may be having your own valid reasons and explanations)..I mean its agreed that we are blessed that we have our parents around but jeering at those who are not so fortunate is callous..

Tarun Goel said...

No hard feelings boys!!!
I laughed at the the privilege system and I laughed at myself and I laughed at the Man of the 21st Century and I laughed at myself.
May be you are not caching my frequency

You are right there where I am. That was a helpless laugh.

mysense said...

@goel sa'b.
whatever it is ,it is what we earn ourselves.No comparisons.The matter is of the time instance.And ya ,it does explain your privilege system.

Tarun Goel said...

Earning just after birth??
or even before that??
Privilege system is good and understood when we are on the better side, and when someone is on the receiving end may be this is a corrupt system.

Surbhi said...

Your post gave me shivers. Esp the ending was chillingly cynical and bravely sarcastic. Hats off!

Uncommon Sense said...