Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cold Smoking-A modern Technique

Hope you know it, if not then I will let you know about it. I am an expert in it.

Holding the cigarette against my soft and delicate lips is something I love to do, I enjoy it like hell or may be heavens(Who Knows!) provided its face is not burning :).

This is what I know as Cold Smoking, smoking without lighting the cigarette. I started it in mycollege, in 6th semester I guess and since then I go high whenever I hold the mystic beauty in my hands near my lips.

I imitate my dad whenever I smoke because he was God of Smoking, he used to beat the hell out of himself while smoking.I remember sometimes he used to smoke 3-4 packs everyday,2 was an average. Me and my brother used to get 1rupee as commission every time we used to buy a few packs for him,a fair deal I think considering the value of 1 rupee at that time. This all was done in a very clandestine manner because Supreme Court of my Mother used to be very stringent that days and if we were caught then the consequences were really very serious.My dad quit smoking in 1996 because of inability of his lungs and kidney to support him in his endeavors :)

Then I decided that I will smoke by using some other technique, smoking was mandatory, because the style and the class [I am falling short of words, holding a cigarette is something that makes me feel a little less than GOD :P, in a nutshell ] it provides is matchless. So this is the story behind the Origin of Cold Smoking Technique.Gradually with passing time I found that a lot of people follow this technique, some to quit smoking and some to enjoy the style without making their lungs and kidneys toil hard. I keep a long Gold Flake Classics with me in my room so that I can enjoy the magic without any trouble.

So its my friendly advise to all who read this that please adopt this technique because smoking, I think, is mandatory. Enjoy Cold Smoking.


honey said...

good one :). Invent one more technique for drinking also!! :P

Nautankey said...

Wow..only if our minister Ramadoss knows this..he wuld be suggestig it to all of them..infact make SRK do only cold smoking :)

Strider said...

well I agree with the point that a business should be either intelligent or a complete fool.

This is utmost requirement.

Though I will say cold smoking is fools business. Anything out of nothing!! Same goes for this alcohal technique as far as I can guess... I will adopt some technique if its sane enough .... main requirements being
1. I don't have to spend Rs. 40 or more on cig everyday
2. I don't have to tell myself that I will feel at rest once I smoke and I can start working again which I don't.
3. That when I am worried and depressed I should not smoke but think, introspect. Because that is a better medicine.

And thank you my friend for letting me know your thoughts. I am greatful to you. Mind to read some of my blogs at ..

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