Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ladies, Love and Respect

Arjun said,"Mama, I am home. See I have won a prize."
Mama said,"Whatever fuck it is, share it equally with your brothers."
It is not yet known if Arjuna was happy sharing his price with his brothers or not. 
Now the "thing" was not a thing but a girl/lady and most importantly a "wife"
The second "you" signifies a bunch of 5 big "mustande" who were already having so many other wives with them, but this one was "won" after beating the hell out of a fish :D

Now those 5 people didn't do/think anything but started "sharing" that lady equally among themselves and out of those 5, one alone was equal to 5 people, so the count is 9 in all.

They shared that lady badly, they took her to different picturesque places and jungles and forests, and one of them lost that lady in a "poker game" and somehow one young man saved her from being stripped publicly(In front of her, not one, not two but five husbands) who later on gained fame as God. Then they fought among themselves and finally they went to heavens. The famous young man got one of his books published which is still a best selling classic.

Then there was another young man(Let's call him R1), who was "Maryada Purushottam = The Best Man" , that fellow screwed another young man (R2) [who was fond of capturing wives and sisters], because he captured his beloved wife. However the point to be noted here is that R1's wife was staying in a jungle with R1 and when R2 captured R1's wife, at that time R1 was busy in deer-hunting, however he handed over the charge to his brother L1, but unfortunately he also went in the search of same deer which R1 was looking for :D

So the wife was captured, but then R1 invaded R2's regime and claimed his wife back. However it has been observed that it is no where stated/reported that R2 tried to molest/rape R1's wife, he simply urged all the time that pretty lady to marry him, so that she has not to stay in jungles anymore. But because of her "immense faith" in R1, she turned down the offer.

Later on when she was re-claimed, R1 asked her to "prove" her virginity/character because of the "public demand" Then the story went on and on, as the other stories do and finally R2(considering the things, he did not do with the lady) went to hell and R1 (considering the acts he performed with the same lady) went to heavens.

Revision: Even R2 went to the heavens because the game was all pre-planned so that R1 could kill R2 and send him to heavens. And in all this, 'the lady' became a victim. I guess R1 and R2 were running some coalition government and what they did इस देफिनेद under 'गठबंधन धर्मा'

These are the points which should be considered to go to heavens and avoid hell.

I read a news where an educated(Engineer) husband killed his wife because she was talking to her male friend on phone. That made me to go back to mythological ages, but seriously it hardly matters what age we are living in.We learn from history that we don't learn anything from history.

Moral of the Story: Respect ladies. By Indian law and order and tradition, a lady has to leave her household after marriage, she leaves everything because she trusts her husband and puts her life in his hands.

I was wondering what if the scenario is reversed, how many men would still be willing to get married.


Ankesh at Talk said...

Very Well written... It shows that how loyal our so called Gods are for their wife or wives..I realy can't take the decision taken by the god Rama for Sita.. I still doubt the integrity of the Man towards his wife..

AmitASH said...

That kinda husbands are still there nowadays but Gladly they're not referred to as "Maryaada purushottam" for those acts.
Our customs are strange and so are our typical Indian thoughts.
How hypocritical it is when folks care much for the society than their wives who are supposedly considered to be his soul mate !!
Even if its God Rama who did that, it in no way can be called logical and hence should never be looked upon at as an Ideal deed by an Ideal man !
I just wonder what would Lord Rama have done with Sita if they happen to reincarnate in the current time..

Maya said...

its just a story, dont know why ppl take it so seriously.

and its not the famous young man who gets his book published.

Tarun Goel said...

As a matter of fact, stories show that nothing has changed and it should have changed long way back
Then who got the book published????

Bedazzled said...

:-).. so much for deriving guidance from our epics !!

BlowHotBlowCold said...

very thoughtful blog

BlowHotBlowCold said...

sorry for my unthougtful comment though :DDD

BlowHotBlowCold said...
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Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! what a post :) surprised to hear things here but then I think yeah it can be possible ;)

I liked the moral :) keep writing buddy

Kanupriya said...

Very very good...truly awesome & I loved it. Satire yet so meaningful...Lovely post!

Smita said...

Ah!!! A very well written post...and such a nice way to handle such a topic :)

SSQuo said...

I appreciate you talking about this!

Anonymous said...

what to say ...totally amused by the way u write .. :)

BlowHotBlowCold said...

whens the next post coming?

Dawn....सेहर said...

Where r u???

Nishit said...

WOW!!! The way you explained your idea was simply superb, awesome. I am flattered at your skill. First of all, all the epics are a mere creation of some guy and i don't find any truth in them. But yes seeing the scenario today of men towards women is gruesome. Their should be mutual understanding and love n care between men and women...EDUCATION SIMPLY ISN'T ENOUGH. NEED TO IMBIBE MORAL EDUCATION......

Ketan said...

Arrey bhai, there is one inaccuracy in your depiction.

It seems you are not in touch with all the behind-the-scene-intelligence of R2! Seriously man, even the stories behind the story are interesting! :P

It is said that R2 wanted moksha, and that required him to die at hands of either Shiva or Vishnu, so to give Ram (incarnation of Vishnu) sufficient grounds to kill him, he had Kidnapped R1's wife!

So, eventually R2 ended up in Heaven, or wherever one reaches after attaining moksha, and The trinity of Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh and their female counterparts are so much above lesser Lords like Indra, that they probably do not live in Heaven!

For instance, Shiva is supposed to live in Kashi.

Of course, you know I don't derive my inspiration from such stories at all.

Later on, I also learned that only because R1 had planned a lot in advance that he had to maut ke ghaat utaarofy R2, he had introduced malfunctioning in Kaikeyi's psyche so that she had asked Dashrath for such boons, nahin toh she was supposed to be a good lady otherwise! :P

One thing I realized going through another blogger's blog is how opposed the "ideal" life portrayed in "R1-ayana" to the concepts of objectivism of Ayn Rand's.

The blog is this:


You might have gone through the blog before. He is one of the best Indian atheist bloggers I know, but somewhat limited in his scope and not very active.

Ketan said...

Hey, and the funniest part that had totally blown me over - R1's wife was actually R2's daughter! He didn't know it! :P 'Cuz she was born from R2's blood drop! Can you beat it???!!!!

Maddy said...

Really nice. I seriously wonder if there is any history of anybdy treating his wife wid all love & respect!

Ajit Singh Taimur said...

funny ....hilarious ......well written ....