Friday, April 17, 2009


I finally found time for myself :)
I lied to parents that I am still in Pune [not so nice of me :)], lied that I have taken NTPC Test, lied that I did well, so many lies..............
But rather than making them understand its better to lie and save my precious time. I am busy planning/working for my venture(s), acquired some assets(a printer and a net connection) planning to buy a bike which comes under 10k and gives a mileage above 100 kmpl, yeah I might have to invent one of this super-kind and then again TATA uncle would have to rethink about his NANO because such kind of bike will definitely break his "all~india~inside~car" dream for sure :D
Its all fun working for/with myself for/with my dream. We are having troubles but we were not that much happy in jobs as well,moreover here we can give creative shapes to our ideas like asking for a printer that comes under 1000 :D
So many things have happened in between, Advani got a "chappal" from one of his own fellows, I got a new site where I found some more "new"songs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Satyam got a new owner and three more people dared to opt out of their jobs following my example and their heart's voice :)

Undertaker defeated Shawn Michael in Wrestlemania-25 and now his un~defeated streak goes to 17-0, Hail Dead Man!!! :) [I know that wrestling is fixed but still I love it and I read hindi Comics as well, yeah that Nagraj, Dhruv stuff]

My dear friend is on his way to reach on the top, he is doing great with three offices across India and all of them making profits, KOLLACE is doing great and he is just 23.
Karma is still ashamed because of his job, but he is helpless :D.

Its all fun to be in this state with small quanta's of struggle in between so it is Fun~Truggle. Let us all Rest In Peace.
Enough for the day.

P.S: There are so many hyperlinks in this post. Feel free to click on them, I won't mind.
Life is Beautiful, njoy.


Nautankey said...

Thats great...dont worry about lies,they are the collateral damage :)..All the best and ur sure to rock

Tarun Goel said...

Thnx dude :)
Ur comments are as good as ur posts, rocking always!!

Smita said...

I wud say what I had said earlier, It takes guts to chuck everything to chase your dreams and I salute you for that :-)

Ankesh at Talk said...

Hail the Dead Man!! enjoy the struggle..

Tarun Goel said...

Thanx all :)

AmitASH said...

Can you be a bit more elaborate about your venture. I might jump in to join you ;-)
N yeah there's no fun without struggle. Its the struggle which makes one accomplished and proficient being..and frugal as well.

Sindhu :) said...

Ah! Thats a lot happening, after all!

And seriously admire that you chucked everything to chase your personal dreams! Good luck - am sure its going to be great! :)

Strider said...

call me up when u get that printer and bike at stated price :-)

i would like to hav one each ... with my pocket having a deep hole, i won't be able to afford event that much.. but i can dream to buy these :-)

Madhuri said...

haha...enjoy...dats wat u love right?