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Success Stories ~ Local Chapter [Spread Positivity]

Success Stories ~ Local Chapter

Long back, I used to read about success stories and I always felt happy to see successful people. However, the definition of successful people was always 'something different' for me. I always knew and believed that taking the first step makes you successful. When you complement it with responsibility for your actions, you become a successful person. You make it big or not is not the matter of consideration here. The point is that you knew, you believed and you had the courage to trust your instinct.

The local chapter of Success Stories is about the visionaries who are just like you and me. You [My readers] have seen them, they know them and they are just like you.

Spread Positivity means to spread positivity. Every day you hear people talking about bad boss, Monday Blues, shitty job and numerous other things.

This local chapter will make you smile, feel motivated and happy about the positive changes happening in and around you. May be, it will let you cross the threshold which is stopping you to bring something new and different to this Universe. And this time the flag-bearers are just like us, Common Men.

The first story is about an IITian [I wonder how do they manage to make it first among the firsts]

Here goes the story about Aha Foods. [Aha means the sweet emotion, which comes out of your heart through your mouth when you see a delicious food item. ]

Introduction: Pasha [पाशा ] alias Aniket Baheti- Founder Aha Foods.

I met पाशा in March 2009. We talked to each other and soon I realized that I was talking to a visionary.
Here goes the Interview:
Q1. Let us know something about yourself, which must cover only important and positive details ;)
I hail from Jodhpur, Rajasthan but then happen to belong to Chennai, Tamil Nadu ( IIT Madras, graduation) and Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ( my current location for business). So true to my name, I have no home and I am at home everywhere. I completed my 14 yrs of schooling from a single school, infinite range of friends and moved on to IITM without wasting any year. Completed my post graduation there in five year ( saving a year again) and got placed in Deloitte, Hyderabad. My dad’s side has everyone into Govt. service where else my mum’s side is all business people. I guess, I had it in my genes somewhere.
Q2. What made you think about this venture in particular. I mean being an Engineer, working in an Auditing firm and venturing into food business. You have a wide range, I must say.
I always had this dream of being a restaurateur ever since my college days. My very good friend Pramod used to share my passion. We used to visit plenty restaurants in Chennai, not to have a good time, but to understand how they are run, to observe their seating arrangement logics, kitchen arrangements, people requirement and management etc. We were almost charged to start it in Chennai but the lack of funds kept it on hold.
Having Ujjwal, a friend at Hyderabad, gave wings to my dreams once again. He made is seem pretty simple to start and then thanks to constant nagging from my girlfriend, I was able to start it by July.
Q3. How you do it? You have a busy job and I have found out that Aha keeps you on your toes even after job hours.
Basically, Job occupies quite a lot of my time over the day, but whatever is left to it, goes all to Aha. Everyone’s got some hobby. For me, this is all I do. For past few months, I have pretty much sacrificed my social life over Aha which needs me to be here. No friends, no partying no Bangalore, no Mumbai. Money has found a new meaning as I strive to save every bit of it for my venture. Fortunately, I don’t have any financial obligations from my home so I am on my own.
I remember reading somewhere – “ Being an entrepreneur demands a lot. You gotta be ready to give it all, your hours, your sleeps, your rest and your money. Only then you can dare the devil.” I did it.
Q4. What makes you different?
I never focused much on trying to be different. I always believed there is a utter need of good food in the place where I stay, I myself was one of the victims of play. I felt the opportunity so hard, that I couldn’t wait to see Aha foods coming up. It was sure to succeed and rock.
Q5. What are your plans? Plan to stay in this line or change lines or leave everything as it is and flow with time?
I plan to work on Aha for a while. Will be giving it a few weeks to grow and become self – operating after which the next step would obviously be a restaurant followed by a chain of them. I definitely have plans for other venture regarding which I shall keep mum for the moment and blow the candle only when the right time comes.
Q6. How you feel about it?
There is nothing like a feeling of being an entrepreneur. I have my own set of learning. There was a time I used to talk a lot but never moved any further. Then people like my girlfriend got me to reality and some action. There have been people who have inspired me on the way. Total strangers like Tarun ( yes dude!!) leave a lasting impact on you just by their sheer personality and stories. There have been frustration at job life which adds to it all.
Great thing about being an entrepreneur is the tremendous respect you gain from being one. Your friends wish you luck and you know you surely will do great to keep up with them!
The journey is exciting, but for me, its just begun.
I wish you all the focus and determination because personally I believe that entrepreneurs never need luck. They just focus and they do it.

I wish all my readers to have a good read and pick as many positive points from this interview. If you happen to stay in Hyderabad, then you can definitely make yourself go Aha! by ordering food from the den of पाशा भाई

Visit Aha Foods to know more about them and what they offer.

P.S: I am more than happy to see myself among your motivations. Thanks a lot पाशा :)


Nishit said...

ideas r wid everyone but few of them dare to take a step forward in that direction...Be ur own driver not ask others 2 drive for u;)

Sunil said...

AHA! It's mouth watering, deliciously inspiring story.....

mysense said...

aha !!!!!!!!

abhishek gupta said...

pasha bhai ko pahla interview mubarak ho..

aha... :)

felis said...

Love this!! Thank you!

Ankesh at Talk said...

pasa bhai good luck.. do gr8 in ur venture n open as many chains as u wish to... will come to eat once I will be dere.. :)

Ashok Verma said...

Well done Bro!! Keep it up!! Hyd really needs some food restaurent chains n all ;-). especially north indias!!

Aniket aka Pasha said...

Thank you all :-) I'm really encouraged by seeing your responses. Definitely aiming to get a chain of restaurants all over the country... Phir aap sab bhi dil se kahenge Aha!

vicious said...

so u added pasha's pic !!! great !! such vision ..on top of that such a young hsome man !!

hope to read more such stories of success and if possible in a little more detail !

Deepak Bagga said...

some people prove themselves to themselves :)
Best of luck ..

Deepak Bagga said...
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Nishant Rai said...

pasha bhai........all the best . i believe it takes A LOT OF GUTS for being an entrepreneur. U have them........besties for the future !!! :) :)

nimit said...

Well firstly I liked the concept of putting such inspiring stories over here so thank you Tarun.

Secondly knowing Aniket for past 6 years I know this interview is only the trailer for everyone. He has got much more inspiring story (which Tarun could not include coz of space constraint!) so please get in touch with Aniket (aka Pasha) for more gyaan!

And yeah I didn't like the fact that you did not mention the name of "My Girlfriend!". This is really bad. And in fact according to me it should be according to my girlfriends.