Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fresh and New Life

This is a guest post by my friend Kamal Thakur. He is a prolific writer and thinker and smoker. :)

I liked this post of his so much that I decided to bring it here on my blog. I hope you will like+learn from it, as I did.

Are you bored of your life?

New things are not happening, that’s what everyone thinks. It’s the same old routine. You wake up in the morning, perform your early morning rituals and get ready for the office. This is specifically the case with people who are working for long hours in offices. School and college going students don’t have to suffer from this ‘same-old-things-everyday’ syndrome – they face new things now and then; their routines are limited. Sure the children wake up, brush their teeth, get ready for school everyday – but their days at school are all new and fresh. They don’t hold on to old memories so hard while an adult continues to look back; instead of focusing on ‘what is now’.

How could you make your life full of excitements, wonders and joys with same-old-things!

Boredom gives you a sense of non-fulfillment. You don’t feel satisfied with your life. So gear up for a ‘new’ change! You can change anything from your daily routine to work hours. Allotting a few hours per week to play your favorite game at local sports club is not a bad idea either. Don’t think about the cost of membership if you can actually afford it or make a cut in your monthly savings! We are talking about ‘living life’ here.

Well, if you are so much in love with your work, you can of course, choose to work day-night; then, I will say, you are not working, you are playing :) :) We ourselves are responsible to create new excitements in our life! And we do so, by making decisions! The decisions like ‘working in a specific profession, ‘working at that company’, ‘staying with that folk’, ‘being in relationship with that chick’, ‘play that game’, ‘watch that match’ and so on.

When something bothers you, you have to have a decision!

Other choice to is to get bored with your life and hate each moment of it. That will be really sad. Better take a decision – a new one!

How can anything new and exciting happen in your life if you keep doing the same old things. Have you been holding on to your attitude towards a particular person? Well, you are different now ..than you were five years ago. Your ideas about life have changed. You have grown a little old. Its very much possible that others have changed too! Why not have a better attitude towards others, expecting that they might have changed to your tune. That’s why wise men ask you not to be judgmental!

New things will not happen if you hold on to your opinion about a person, place or situation as ‘irritating person’, ‘nasty place’ or ‘confusing situation’. You will have to think in new ways possible! First of all, drop those words – irritating, nasty and confusing. Add the words that are new! Add the words that you like. Now you are really making a decision. Now you are really making a choice! I would love to make it – ‘wonderful person’, ‘awesome place’ or ‘lovely situation’. That will be a ‘NEW’ thought. That will sprout up as ‘NEW’ actions. That will manifest as ‘NEW’ change.

Micro changes – CREATE excitement, attract happiness and kick boredom

Make decisions at the level of thought. Change your attitudes towards a place, situation or person at the level of thoughts. To think is to do something subtly. To think is to create. If you really focus on the these micro changes (mental multimedia broadcast), you will certainly go crazy for sometime but you are going to float back to the safe harbor – the one with really greener grass.

Macro changes –Drop routines, take risks and be hopeful or carefree at least ;)

Now you need to take your daily routines at task. You need to make some crucial decisions about your career. You better know how to turn your anger on and off at your own will. Why not have a small walk around the house instead of watching TV all day. Why not read or write a blog instead of fixing your eyes on your FB wall! Why not pay a visit to a friend, even if he has not called up in weeks!

Give a flip to your thinking pattern for sometime! Its no good if its not working, you know! Change your daily routines. That’s important, you see. Break free .. for a few hours every week.. at least! In the very least, we ought to respect our life that much.

P.S: आज़ादी मुबारक हो , सपनों की और सोच की,
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vicious said...

very inspiring ...
i have the same problems n complaints with life ...but yesss ..i will try 2 bring about changes ..
but temme what if other for eg ur parents may be are always there to kind of axe your thoughts and movements ??

Anonymous said...

Great writing :)
very dynamic thought...

Anonymous said...

@vicious ~ All the best for the efforts you are making to bring about a CHANGE in next moment that is on its way :)

Talking to your parents in a way you talk to closest of your friends can actually help to get things done :)

Laughing with them and sharing all that is going on at job, studies and personal life is even better. That will be something New ;)

Nobody will (ever) try to axe your thoughts and movements if you can make them feel how strongly you need to take up that job, patch up with that chick or stay at so-nd-so location blah blah...

.... and 'sharing' is the way to do get that done!

बात करने से ही बात बनती है. :)

@Mr controversial - Thanks mate!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

謝謝大大無私分享 感恩唷(>o<)............................................................