Thursday, August 19, 2010

And I go back to Spiti Valley

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After coming back to the normal world, we had to go back to the same place one more time to get our things+car back. This time we had no camera, and no plan whatsoever to rescue the vehicle. We reached Manali and I have forgotten the dates as well. So, we will move randomly and in case, if I remember them, I will let you know. And this time, we had a new partner with us, the legendary Kamal Thakur.

So after we reached Manali, we went to our semi-permanent residence, means the very homely hotel of ours. The caretaker/receptionist was too happy to see us, as if he was saying, "किसने कहा था जाओ, मनाली घूम के निकल लेते".

We called the mechanic and asked him to come with us. Next day, early morning, we reached at the bus stand at 5 A.M, as the first bust runs from Manali to Kaza at 5:15 A.M. the bus was full of foreigners of different colors and bus was loooking nothing less than a multicultural meet. Back on those roads, I felt very sad and strange. The road condition was not good but when you go to Kaza, you do not expect road condition to be good, you just expect the road to be there.

We reached our semi-permanent resident [Batal Dhaba] and I was amazed to see the car intact. The uncle [dhaba owner] kept his word and the tires were not missing, which I had imagined considering the pessimism this trip had put into my head. The mechanic started off with his work immediately. He toiled hard with the vehicle for few hours and made it work. The car started, its engine roared, well actually cried and I felt like the inventor of first vehicle on Earth.

But Murphy did not want us to go out of that place, that day, so car could not run more than 200 meters. After working on/with the car for another few hours, we decided to get a towing vehicle from Manali and rest our case. I slept with a heavy heart and could not think anything. Next day, early morning, the mechanic decided to work on the car one more time and he made its engine work one more time. But again, 200 meters and dead engine. However, the towing vehicle reached in time and he got additional tools with him. The mechanic gave his last shot and guess what, he made the car work. It ran more than 200 meters and covered the next 107 kilometers on its own.

I thanked the people inside the dhaba, outside the dhaba, on the hill, below the bridge and I thanked Murphy as well for letting us go unscathed.

Coming back to the point, Manali was 108 Kilometers from Batal and the car could travel only 107 kilometers. For the next one kilometer , the car had to be towed till the workshop because it broke down. What a shame!

Again, things went bad, the car could not be repaired that night, we had to go to the same hotel again and I could read the eyes of receptionist, It said, "दूसरी बार में तो आ गयी समझ "

Next day was day of happiness and joy. The car came out of the workshop and we drove back to our respective places with a happy heart.

Moral of the complete story:

1. Do not take a Maruti beyond Manali

2. Spiti Valley is beautiful, एक बार तो
सबका जाना बनता है |

ChandraTaal Lake is beautiful

4. Murphy Law is a neutral law. It depends upon the mentality of the person

5. The Journey continues., forever!


vicious said...

where are the pics ??????

Anonymous said...

與人相處不妨多用眼睛說話,多用嘴巴思考,..................................................... ............

Nishit said...

Aur lagao random function...raat ko thand main lag gayi hogi tab to;)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Loved the journey with you...had adventure and fun too :-)! But yes, missed the pictures...!
I loved what you said at the end about the Murphy Law ;-)
Cheers and good to see you back...
keep writing...

wise donkey said...

you should have taken a camera and clicked the pics of the receptionist whenever you came.

The Holy Lama said...

Guru, Kya lessons hain.:)

जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर) said...

मजा आ गया, ढेर सारा