Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#EkNayiLeague with Kapil Dev!

The man who got us our first Cricket World Cup is inviting us again to join hands with him. A grand venture of sorts. Just that he wants us all to guess before he formally announces what his venture is all about.

He names it #EkNayiLeague. It all started with Kapil Dev asking celebrities to guess about his New League on twitter. He invited sports-persons and celebirities from all walks of life to be a part of his league. He just fell short of inviting the Prime Minister of India to join his league as well.

So now what this New League would be all about?

A sports league on the lines of IPL? Or a TV Series show where Kapil will invite celebrities to share their stories with him? Or some new online show where people will participate by means of Social Media Channels?

Before we make our guesses about this new league, let's have a look at a video where Kapil Dev talks about his new league.

All our lives we have been told that if you put your heart to your work, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. Even Kapil Dev has said the same on numerous occasions, while commentating or while being interviewed by various channels.

However, while giving us clues about the new league, Kapil Dev clearly mentions not to khelo dil se because if you do that, you lose.

The Subtle Hint

However, there lies a subtle hint in the image shown above. Kapil is pointing towards his head. So what does that mean? 

My first guess would be a Quiz Contests of the celebrities. Most probably related to Cricket in particular or Sports in general. So you don't have to be emotional while you play this league. All you have to do is to apply your brains and think real deep so as to win this league.  

And because the word is Ek 'Nayi' League, most probably all the money involved will go to charity. My optimistic guess would be donating all the prize money to the victims of natural calamities across India. That's what would make it a new league for sure. 

My second guess is about the involvement of general public. A quiz contest between the celebrities and general public. Wouldn't that be innovative and fascinating? If public wins, they take their prize money home. If the celebrity wins, they donate all their money to the victims of natural calamities. 

A win win situation for all the stakeholders.

So that's what I think this new league would be all about. What's your guess?

You can mark your guess at EkNayiLeague and if your guess is any good, who knows, you might as well win 100,000. And a chance to meet Kapil Dev as well.

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