Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Airtel, My App!

Mobile phones are no more the virtual world. The world of mobile phones is the real world. From paying your bills to connecting to your near and dear ones, the mobile world enables and empower you to save your time, money, and energy.

So, Let's shake it!

Don't take me otherwise. I am talking about My Airtel App. And why am I asking you to shake it? Let me explain in this post in the shortest possible way. 

Because that's how it works. You shake it and it throws at you amazing offers, customized plans, mind-boggling data packs, and a lot many surprises. The App Interface is simple and doesn't confuse you with too many details. You need a recharge, enter your number,  enter amount and get done with it.

For special occasions like your birthdays, it offers you surprises and special packages. 

The second best thing is adding tasks/actions to I Want To feature. With an App like this, you can do multiple things like recharging your mobile phone or taking care of your DTH connection. I Want To feature helps you to save your favorite actions at one place so that you can save time and cut to the chase in case you want to speed up the recharging process. 

A one stop solution to all your daily need tasks. No need to go through the tedious process of logging in, entering amounts, and then waiting for the browser to load. Single click solution. 

Last but not the least, the Calculator feature is another gem. Depending upon your usage, you are allowed to choose your data plan. And how exactly you calculate your daily usage? That's what this Calculator does. It asks you various inputs like the number of web pages you browse on a daily basis, number of songs/apps/games worked online on a daily basis. And then it performs some arithmetic and the best suited plan according to your needs is what you are told to take up.

So let the app do all your math while you enjoy your web experience at the best rates. 

So you read 50 odd articles in a day, listen to a couple of songs on music apps, and watch few videos online, My Airtel will calculate your approximate data usage and offer you the best available plan according to your needs.

Why spend more than you actually need to?

The App doesn't even occupy much space on your mobile phone and is quite light to handle even on the basic smartphones. All you need is a sound Internet connection and rest all will be taken care by the app.

In a nutshell, My Airtel App is the simplest way to manage all your airtel services through your handset. 

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