Monday, April 13, 2015

Redefining the Smartphone experience with Asus Zenfone 2

The world is inside a tiny little box called a smartphone, not virtually but literally. From paying your bills online to shopping online, a smartphone can do almost anything that you ask it to do for you. Probably the world of smartphones is the fourth dimension these Hollywood walahs often talk about.

The first time I saw an Asus Zenfone was last year when one of my friends was showing off his device. With all the cost vs features comparison done, I think he wasn't wrong boasting about his new phone that was literally smart. 

Image: Asus 
The company has fired another shot from its armory and this time they have come up with a heavy performer namely Asus Zenfone 2, an improvement over its predecessors.

How is it going to redefine my smartphone experience, let me explain in brief points in this blog post.

1. A solid and sturdy design has always attracted end users. We, as the end users, know it. Asus as a manufacturer knows it. They have done a major overhaul to their design, not that the previous generation was ugly, and that is one genuine factor to look up to this device. With the volume button pushed to the back and an improved screen to body ratio, this phone surely will redefine your experience.

2. So, is it one of those devices which look good but lag badly? No. It's a marvel of Power and Beauty, in the Lap of your Hand, that's how the company describes it and they ain't wrong about it one bit. Powered with a 64 bit quad core engine and backed by a 2-4 GB dual performance RAM, this phone just doesn't fly. Anything else, like running n  number of apps or working with a heavy photo editing software, this device can do anything.

3. In a small-town like mine, Asus offers post sale services. I wouldn't take a guess how effective these guys must be in the cities. Post sale services have often remained a major problem in Indian scenario. However, my experience with ASUS (in a small Himachali town) is beyond all expectations. Not even the other marketing giants could offer me what ASUS could. So, on that front too, this device is going to change your behavioral pattern towards service centers.

All said and done, Asus also intends to empower you with its accessories too. A loaded power bank and a stylish earphone set is just round the corner. Quite unlike others, you'll not be left alone after the launch.

So go ahead and take a chance. Redefine your smartphone experience with ASUS Zenfone 2.

The real zen has arrived. Go meet the Godsent. And do talk about your experiences because sharing happiness is what the learned beings do. 

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