Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Accident - II

Perspiring, I opened my eyes and tried to understand the whole scenario. The first thing that came to my mind after opening my eyes was, " Dude, You are fucked for life."

I tried to get up and succeeded in it and when I looked around, the whole picture was painted with red and green. Green because we were lying in the jungle and red because all the people were drowned in their own blood. The bus was lying next to me, upside down and I do not know how did I come out because my seat was totally crushed and demolished. Three local guys came to me and tried to get hold of me. I said to them," बाकी लोगों को ले जाओ, मैं खुद चला जाऊँगा"

Limping and holding the bushes and grass, I climbed on my own, uphill 200 feet. After climbing, I became unconscious and I knew I had done a mistake by refusing their help to take me up. The whole body was no more a body and it was a soul, light and weightless. I regained my consciousness in a bus carrying victims and by that time I knew which parts of my body were gone.

Leg in three parts, backbone in two and head in one. I somehow managed to bend my leg and then a fellow came and he saw me dying with pain he thought that I want to straighten my leg. He pressed and that moment onwards, it remained straight for the next 100 days. It took me exactly half an hour to bend that leg and the *naive* fellow did in one second. I laughed [tried to] and told him that Dude, you have unknowingly screwed me.

Unconscious, as I was, reached the hospital. There was havoc everywhere, I was lying outside in the rain, in the pain. Few people came and helped me and next thing I remember was that I was in a bed lying in the City Hospital. My father got to know and as he was coming to see me, his bus broke twice. My mother was not at home, I could not inform anyone and the *absolute randomness* was falling in place, guiding me at every single step. The doctors cooked my leg and after nine painful days, they dispatched me from the hospital. The sun rays looked beautiful and the sky was never that clear and bright. The moment I reached home, I decided that fuck the exams and Engineering I will work on increasing my weight.

For the first few days [2 days] I used pot to shit and piss [ answer the natural nature calls] but that looked horrible to me and I decided to drag the leg and do it on my own.

The Filmy Touch-I
I was given a medicine by the chemist and unfortunately, he could not read the prescription properly and gave a medicine that was meant for cardiac patients with severe blood pressure problems. I swallowed the first pill and was about to swallow another one when a relative+doctor called up. She was casually inquiring about the medicines and I was about to swallow the *second* pill. My sister started crying and snatched the tablet from my hand. She told me that the tablet could have stopped my heart from beating permanently as it had some serious aftermaths if taken without prescription. I survived one more time.
Fuck that Chemist.

The Filmy Touch-II
The leg was cast with POP for 45 days but my adventurous dragging and pulling made the whole process to be repeated and for another 45 days, I was on bed.
The most awaited and unwanted exam day came, I wrote the exam and scored an abysmal rank.

The Filmy Touch-III

And there I was, going to the place where I never wanted to go, again in my life.

So two days back, these questions entered into my mind:

Where is Free Will?
I wanted something else but I got something else? Who decided my destiny? And if someone is deciding my destiny then what is Free Will?

Not that I am unhappy now [ except my Satyam Days, I was never unhappy], but what if same thing happens again. What if I land in a job rather than owning my Personal Venture(s). I work 14 hours a day and sometimes more than that but Is there anything for me to do? Or is it PreDecided?

And according to my very dear friend " If I am not sure about the starting point [birth] and If I am not sure about the ending point [death], then where is Free Will and What is Free Will?


Strider said...

hehe.. it much later that i came to know bout all this..

.. i ll restrain from tagging it fortunate or unfortunate..

i was tested positive for tuberculosis two months ago.. i was rather happy about it :) i feel alive - once again! it was indeed a blessing in disguise..

good, bad .. everything ( i think) is coupled together.. its only one part that we see from one angle.. as the time passes by.. angles change.. and so does the perspectives..

i believe TG is born to fulfill a great purpose .. He was not diverted from a possible indictment to navy or selection to a better tech-school.. the accident was a part of his journey..

Tarun Goel said...

Didn't u smoke more than enough to be tested positive? ;)

Yeah! Steve Jobs says that point of life join backwards and he did endure pain to be Steve Jobs.
So much pain to create :O
Is that worth it?

honey said...

thank god...somehow u have survived!

Smita said...

The whole thing gives me goosebumps! Though have heard this

As far as free will is concerned have no answers but yes whatever happens happens for a reason! So chill and stop thinking too much!

Ankesh at Talk said...

baap re baap... pura adventures and filmy.... destiny rules.. free will (if exist) will survives in the course of time...

vicious said...

when u go througa thing as serious as this ..may be the way u put it becomes as light as ur post is ...

nevertheless i hope such incidents dint happen n i salute ur will that u actually climbed 200 ft uphill in that condition ..
u r real tough dude!!

abhishek gupta said...

abe sahi sahi batao.. ye jo tum likhte ho wo kalpnik hai ya....

kahi tum movie banane ki to ni soch re.. sare scene likhte ho or logo re review lete ho yah...

jo bhi ho.. tum ho tabahi bande