Wednesday, April 7, 2010


झांसी is a major railway junction in the state of U.P. When one leaves Bhopal towards Delhi in a train, one sees a statue of a man standing on the top of a hill on the left hand side. The hill and the statue troubled me every time I crossed that area, sitting on the doors of the train. I always thought it to be the statue of a landlord or a local leader. however, I got to to know recently (few months back) that that statue belongs to the Hockey legend, Major Dhyan Chand, who beat the shit out of many Hockey playing nations on his own, without failing in the Main Events like Olympics.

The Gold Medalist

However, he stands alone on the top of that hill with birds singing to him his glory of the old forgotten days. The statue is built on the top of the hill in his hometown where he might have rocked his village with his masterclass and he remains there only, even today.

P.S: What Sachin Tendulkar has become today was once his status in his days. Nothing lasts Forever.

Whenever you cross that region, just remember him, may be he will feel good in this over hyped country.