Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quikr goes Bangalore!

Quikr has shifted its Headquarters from Mumbai to Bangalore. And that's welcome news for all Bangaloreans. Who wouldn't want India's largest classified company stationed in their home city?

All this reminds me of an old story! 

An old friend of mine wanted to buy a Yashica Camera. Actually, he wanted to surprise his father by gifting him the same camera that he had misplaced long ago. He waited for ten good years after he lost his dad's camera on a school trip. And guess where did he find the same camera? Yes, Quikr! :)

So we ran hither and thither in search of an old digital camera but it was not to be found anywhere. Surprisingly, during his stay in Chandigarh he came across Quikr and within two days he had the same old camera in his hands.

Quikr is that fast! So, as far as recommending Quikr is concerned, I will always say Yes. No middlemen, no fake promises, its all about two people interested in one thing, dealing one on one with each other. 

Image: The24Club

If I were relocating to Bangalore, I would certainly use Bangalore Quikr to my advantage. Having India's largest classified company at my disposal would be great. And now with their headquarters stationed in Bangalore, as a techie, I would prefer if they give me a job as well :D

Who wouldn't want to work for a great start-up like Quikr!

If I think about things I would need, If I were relocating to Bangalore, here goes my list.

1. A Bean Bag - What's life without a bean bag?
2. A Motorcycle - Moving around in Bangalore without your own vehicle is real pain. And buying a new one and then waiting to get all the clearance is even more pain. I'd rather buy an old one with a Bangalore number. So, Quikr is my best bet.
3. A Bed - I would like to sleep in Bangalore and surely that means buying a bed. Getting a fully furbished flat in Bangalore sounds nice but it also makes a huge dent in your pocket. There are techies moving in and out of Bangalore and they keep selling their stuff on Quikr. Finding a bed on Quikr is never a problem.
5. A Bride  Well, if luck works this way, why not give it a try! I have heard good stories of people finding their life partners through Quikr. Hopefully, Bangalore Quikr will bring some luck for me too :) 

Relocating to a new city is always a problem. You not only need new stuff but also need to know your way around the city. In that way, Quikr doesn't come across as an online trading platform only, but also helps you meet real people with real experiences. 

A Word About Quikr

4.2 million listings and 150 million replies. That's what Quikr means to India. A place where real people meet with real people in the virtual world and transactions happen in the real world. Quikr operations are spread over more than 900 cities across the country. So if you have anything to sell or buy, which isn't available anywhere else, Go Quikr!


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