Sunday, October 31, 2010

A poetic man on mission - Dr. Kumar Vishwas

Dr. Kumar Vishwas needs no formal introduction in India. He is famous for his lines 'It is good to be a poet than a bad engineer' and that is exactly what he has been doing for the last 15 years.

Moreover, he has become more than that, a better human being with every passing day.

I had a chance to speak to him for the Spread Positivity! campaign and he agreed to share his story, thoughts and experiences in a very subtle but impressive way.

How he left is engineering degree, what came next and what was left behind, he speaks his heart out. He also talks about his upcoming project 'Bharat Boley'.

You can have a look at some of his videos as well.

"कोई दीवाना कहता है"

"कुमार विश्वास अमेरिका में"

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Deepak Bagga said...

an energetic and intelligent professor. :)

Anonymous said...

He has become such a craze all over ... awesome sense of humor and mind blowing style he possesses ...!!!