Monday, September 27, 2010

Bhagat Singh - Man, Rebel and Victor

Long ago, I read that Bhagat Singh was an atheist. Sometime later, I also got to know that it was a propaganda by the communists to attract the younger generation of India by cashing in the name of Bhagat Singh, one of the greatest Indian revolutionaries. He wrote in one of his jail diary notes why he was an atheist. An excerpt from his note:

''In God man can find very strong consolation and support. Without Him, man has to depend upon himself. To stand upon one's own legs amid storms and hurricanes is not child's play. At such testing moments, vanity, if any, evaporates, and man cannot dare to defy the general beliefs, if he does, then we must conclude that he has got certain other strength than mere vanity.

Let us see how I carry on: one friend asked me to pray. When informed of my atheism, he said, "During your last days you will begin to believe". I said, No, dear Sir, it shall not be. I will think that to be an act of degradation and demoralization on my part. For selfish motives I am not going to pray. Readers and friends, "Is this vanity"? If it is, I stand for it.
"- भगत सिंह

There is another man who spoke and wrote like him and he was known all across the world for his faith, knowledge and confidence. His name was स्वामी विवेकानंदा and he spoke once in Chicago and that speech made him immortal and well--known all across the globe. Personally, I feel that the feeling you get while listening to his speech is just similar to the feeling which you get when you read Bhagat Singh's jail notes, particularly the Atheism related post.

There are controversies related to both the text and the video/speech. But the feeling is awesome, mind blowing and motivating.

Why I Am An Atheist?


Anonymous said...

Today is a different day I guess. I happen to be in agreement with what you wrote abov ;)

vicious said...

can u suggest me the book that has bhagat singh's jail diary ?

Tarun Goel said...

Please read this one

An awesome read

Bikramjit said...

Very glad to have to come to you blog , Indeed found someone esle who remembered this martyrs birthday ..

He indeed was the greatest.. I agree with what you got to say ..

Bikram's Blog-- Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Anonymous said...

“Jo Dikhta hai, Wo Kabhi kabar nhi hota, Jo Nahi dikhta hai wo kabhi kabhr hota hai "
- isaan, "taare jamani par" character

wise donkey said...

i don't think its vanity. i do think its strength.
its not easy CHOOSING to be an orphan and saying i can become an adult without my parent's support.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Amazing to read more about Bhagat Singh....yes as you dig the more you get :)
But it was nice to catch up here with u once again
Keep up the good work

Krishna Nand Gupta said...

I read this letter long back, It influenced me a lot. Thanks for posting

abhishek gupta said...

nice one...

Deepak Bagga said...

rightly said be bhagat singh. I guess maximum of people who are athiest or not ,don't know why they are so.