Wednesday, February 10, 2010

जय महराष्ट्र!!!

I am planning to conduct an interview with गुरु जी , later this week. After my escape from here, I am now back in form and this time interview will be much better than last time.



abhishek gupta said...

last time kab hua tha ye karnama

vicious said...

dint get anything

vicious said...

got it now ...waiting 4 d next interview .

Smita said...

ROFL!!! :D Bas isi ki kami thi!!! :D

Now waiting for the interview!

Nishit said...

Sahi please write the post soon...impatiently waiting for ur stuff :P

sweelie said...

lol!!! this is awesome...

Dawn....सेहर said...

Amazing - I loved the cartoon and what its trying to convey :)
I thought as we are progressing we will be wiser but its not I guess :)

Keep it up and will look forward to read the interview with Guru ji :)

Happy Valentine's Day

honey said...


vimmuuu said...

LOL, just read the first interview now ! :D :D

Waiting for this ! but make sure you get police protection after publishing it ! :D :D

Ketan said...

Who is "Guruji"?

Anyway, didn't want you to miss
this comment (click) from me on your blog.

Tarun Goel said...

guruji is guruji :D :D
u dont want me to get beaten up by some pppl, do you
and moreover, lets not get into the names :P

Tarun Goel said...

Thanks ALL
Love you all :)

Ketan said...

Arrey bhai, i ka picture laga rakha hai?

Anyway, I thought you might like discussion that had taken place on this blog:

Question about belonging (click)

In particular, do read comments by Sapathan.

I'm providing you with this link because I am seeing you getting passionate about a certain issue, and just possibly, you might have not considered all the aspects involved.

You will be able to understand my comment better in light of my post called communalism (click)

Not sure if you will agree with my ideas. :)

And just one personal question - why do you not do more analytical posts? You are perfectly capable of doing them justice.


Ketan said...

Few strongly recommended blogs by me that you might be unaware of:

I guess, except for two or three all the bloggers are atheists/nontheists. Not that it matters, but somehow whosoever I have been extremely impressed with, has more or less turned out to be some sort of skeptic. :)

Tarun Goel said...

analytic posts will come, M about to bring in the Home Edition of Motorcycle Diaries.
Rest will be history ;)
Thanx Dude

Chhaya said...

Funny cartoon!!!

btw, Ketan maintains so many blogs? oh god! i can hardly hang on to one :D

Ketan said...


I just follow (and recommend) them. Considering the (less) number of comments my blogs have been getting of late, my own blogs rather need some *maintenance*.

Ketan said...

"by me" part was to be read as "recommended by me"! Oh yes, now I realize I could have been clearer.