Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enlightenment-1 :) :)

Now this is something unreal, something not me or may be only "me". As always, I was too much preoccupied with my self. With this state of my mind I went to visit the great Osho's five star (or may be seven star, if it exists) meditation resort, OSHO INTERNATIONAL. Me and Lokesh, in spite of the chaos and things going upside down in our company, went to see the meditation center. Now there hap penned something that enlightened me. I don't know how and why it happened there, in Osho's abode [I guess he is still alive :)], but it simply happened.
We both went there and found that the tickets for the tour of the center for that day had been sold away. We bought the tickets for the next day in advance, and inquired the old lady issuing them about the mediation courses being offered. Now here starts the experience, read along;

Me: What are the meditation courses and how do we register for them?
Old Lady: Why do you want to know about them?
Me(Somewhat surprised by the lady's reaction): Because I want to, as simple as anything.
Old Lady: I am in a bad mood today, don't mind.
Me: Why should I? Anyways, that's your problem not mine.
Old Lady (Giving me What a loser! look): There is one Welcome Center outside. Go there and inquire.
Me:Its as simple as anything, you could have told this thing to me before as well.

At this moment something happened and I found "myself" observing "myself". Believe me this happens. All of a sudden I found everything amusing, I watched myself behaving in a very queer manner over the matter of no importance. I saw myself calming down and observing everything from a higher plane. Thereafter everything was as smooth as anything.I started smiling at myself and her as well.

Old Lady(Looking at me surprisingly): I will give you only 70 and not 80 because you are not my friend, she was supposed to give me back 80 rupees.
Me: That's again your problem not mine.
Old Lady: You seemed to be pissed off because of me.
Me: I can't make you understand the things which I am not saying. I took the change, wished her a good day and moved away.
That lady started blabbering and was really pissed off, but I enjoyed it a lot. Had it been the old me, I would have been beaten the hell out of her, but I found myself and I enjoyed.I felt the energy flowing around me, I found everything levitating.

After that I went to the Welcome Center and asked the person behind the inquiry desk, the same question,"How do we register for the meditation courses?"

That guy was looking like a gay, in fact I can bet on it, he was a gay :)

Gay: What do you know about OSHO.Have you done any meditation before?Have you ever read OSHO literature.

This time my friend chose to speak and I volunteered to listen.I was constantly staring into his eyes, smiling and enjoying everything he was saying.

Lokesh: Not much, I have read very few books by him.
Gay: Which books?
Lokesh: I don't remember. I am not that much into books.
Gay: Then go first read some books by OSHO. Have an overview of what is it all about, then come back.
Me :Is it necessary?
Gay(Not looking at me): Yes because we are offering you university level meditation, it is not a primary school. You need to have an experience of the things being taught here. It is not possible that you come and sit with the other persons and disturb them. Go and read some books.
ME:I have been reading OSHO since my school days and I left my school five years back.
Gay (Looking at the computer screen in front of him):Which books?
Me:Everything. His biography as well.
Gay(He was caught):Have you.....mmm...mm... done meditation?
Me:No, but now you are saying something else, earlier you said books, now it is meditation then it will be something else.
Gay(Totally pissed off):Ya it is mandatory, we can't let you in like that
Me:I started smiling and moved away, wished him a good day.
As soon as I left the place I started laughing badly and loudly. To my amusement everything that happened had not bothered me. I was just flowing and I don't know what.

P.S:Part-2 will be posted tomorrow, there is still a lot more to happen :)


honey said...

oookay!!this was the meditation course u promised to take me ??

Anonymous said...

LOL - just go there for a couple of times more na..please and write it out!! It is truly hilarious

Strider said...

its coming brother... i knew its coming for you....

call me the day u understand this one line above... until then, don't.

Tarun Goel said...

@honey, ya I wanted to but lets see what is hidden. Now I think I don't need to go anywhere.

Tarun Goel said...

@verbi-Believe me it was something more than hilarious when I was standing there, smiling and enjoying everything happening in front of me :)

Tarun Goel said...

@Kamal-Now I know the meaning of "watching" because I have watched what is worth watching.
Life is really beautiful

Anonymous said...

If they make you work so hard only so you can meditate, I don't think its worth it!

Tarun Goel said...

Who wants to work hard :)Not me atleast.

krystyna said...

Wow, interesting experience.
Life is really beautiful
and full of unexpected lessons.

Now, I'm going to read part2.

Bob Marshall said...


I have heard of Osho's meditation resort. I have been craving to visit this meditation course center.... Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting experience.