Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentining with Asus Zenfone

Let's cut to the chase straightaway, I do love my real valentine, but its equally true that without a virtual valentine, the love affair would be incomplete. Some may choose a TV, or some may choose a popular gaming device, but I'd like to go with something that sort of comes as an All in One Package. 

A multifaceted device, you see! 

What better than an Asus Zenfone as your first second valentine. :D

Here I write my 5 reasons to have the Asus Zenfone as my valentine of this season. And I'm sure by the time you finish reading my thoughts, you too will be head over heels like me drooling over the features of this amazing device. 

1. Love at First Sight
Its not possible to explain love in words, even difficult if it is love at first sight. I mean, looking at the figure, I mean specs of this amazing device, who wouldn't fall in love with this spectacular work of technology. Have a look at this classy gadget. Isn't it beautiful? 

2. Fun Camera, Great Memories
With great camera, comes brilliant photographs. Armed with a powerful 13MP camera, ASUS fone is one hell of a Memory Caretaker. And with all those stylish tweaks, you can add special colors and flavors to your memories. The camera stays with you, no matter how bad your mood is. The camera never complains too, no matter how ugly you look. Even if you are straight out of the bed, the camera will smile flash back at you, without complaining. 

3. Colorful Companion
A colorful companion with no mood swings. Style it, own it, and customize it in your own way. And it doesn't even look fat. There are more colors to this device than all your moods and shades combined. A great way to color your life beautiful.  :D 

4. Soda Lime Glass
It has nothing to do with the beverage you were fond of drinking as a child. It's the latest and the sharpest. Just like your alter ego. Crystal Clear like the bright blue sky on a sunny day in the winters. And all you need is a wipe cloth to keep it that way forever. 

No aging problems, you see! 

5. This
If they can make a love advertisement like this, think what would they have done with the device. This is one of the finest ads I have seen. The message of love and ASUS has been subtly put forward. Don't believe me, just catch a glimpse of this beautiful #UnconditionalLove Ad. 

Are my five reasons not enough for you to rethink about your valentine options? :D

I know it isn't a difficult choice, go ahead, take a leap of faith....

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