Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Laman, The Band - Reviving Old Himachali Folk Songs

Laman is a song-form that developed in the highlands of Himachal Pradesh ago. A group of three youngsters have given a new shape and outlook to this song-form by re-composing the old classical folk songs of Himachal Pradesh.

According to the Facebook Fan Page of the Band: The name laman is taken from the folk song form laaman which originated in himachal pradesh.This melodious song was  developed in the beautiful kullu valley but latter became an important part and blended with the diverse culture of whole himachal pradesh. This song form is highly romantic in nature and symbolizes the emotion of love. This is the reason that band has been named laman which is synonymous of love. Laman believes that folk melodies have immense power to keep people rooted to their basic inherent nature which is love and compassion.
The Band has come up with a new music video 'Kaali Ghaghari' that has become quite popular within three days of its release. Prior to that, 'Bhole Baba' was their melodious number that has already garnered more than 36000 views on YouTube.

However, the new song Kaali Gghaghari is a soul stirring number that has resurrected this old classical Himachali Song. Thie song features Renu Bhatia and she has done wonders with her eyes. 

Have a look yourself!

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