Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The CarConnect Experience and Drive to Spiti

I came across Car Connect when I was surfing for feature comparison between Maruti and Chevrolet, as both of them had launched new hatchbacks (case in point Sail and Celerio). I browsed through the website and realized that the site was effortlessly smooth and also it did have a feature where users can not only share their car reviews but also drive experiences.

I also shared my Spiti Drive experience that we did in 2010. The road trip reminded of the marvelous views and amazing memories of the trip. Let me share an experience from that road trip here.

The journey started in July and we were told by a traveller friend that removed all our doubts regarding a Maruti 800 making across the Rohtang Pass (13000 feet) into the Lahaul Valley.

He said to us, “The machine doesn't matter. What matters is the courage of the person behind the wheel." At 21, you don't think much about the practical aspects and such one liners often pump up the adrenaline, and precisely that's what happened in our case too.
We ended up with a stranded Maruti 800 in the middle of the snow desert. But that we will talk about sometime later.
So we were talking about the features of Car Connect. The website sends you customized comparison sheets directly to your mailbox and that's what makes it a unique website. Also for the passionate ones, there is a special tab that talks about car news and new gadgets, which in my opinion is a good feature to keep the readers interested.

The user can submit as many drive stories or car reviews as he wants. There is no cap. Sharing your experiences and reading about the adventures of like minded people is a blissful experience. And then there is always the option of finding your name on the home page of the CarConnect.

Isn't that cool?

Currently, Car Connect allows only Facebook Login, which I think they must be working on. Because assuming all the users have an FB account, although not having a Facebook account in the current times is equivalent to blasphemy, but still it wouldn't hurt to have a normal login, along with other social logins like Twitter and Google Login.

I hope the Car Connect team has already taken notice of the same. Another interesting feature is keeping the User Community active by giving them badges and sharing top posts on the home page.

Who wouldn't want his/her name shared on a prestigious website like Car Connect?

The leaderboard feature along with find friends is another unique feature that helps the user to find people with similar interests.

Car Connect is all set to be the Carbook of the Internet World! :)

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