Thursday, March 10, 2011

Road to Leh - Why do you go to Leh?

Road in river or river in road, it becomes very difficult to tell when you to go to Leh.

It becomes even more difficult when cold water coming directly from the pure snow of Himalayas enter inside your shoes while you try to push your Royal Enfield through the muddy waters.

Ironical it may sound but you smile when you realize that your last pair of socks is wet as hell and you can drain a bucketful of water out of it.

It becomes horribly difficult when you try to sleep inside your tent during your transit stay and you feel that you have difficulty in breathing, chilly winds making you schizophrenic and you hallucinate that the tents flowing in the air.

And you know it before you plan to go to Leh.

You knew it last year as well, when you got stuck in snow for two days, slept in the back seat of a Tata Sumo, walked 17 fucking kilometers in snow, sun and water.

But you want to go there, again, this year as well.

And for the coming years also.

This is what Leh can do to you. This is what the Himalayas can do to you. They make you crazy.

You live in a city/village/town where the roads are bad, traffic is crazy.

You complain about the road condition, the traffic and every other god damn thing that is uncomfortable.

Yet you want to go to Leh where the definition of roads changes completely. You do not complain about it then, you want it to be like this.

You go there because the snow manufacturing factory of Almighty is set up there.

You go there because those lands are still pure, unknown, yet known to everyone.

You go there because unless you go there, you will never be a complete owner of a Royal Enfield

You go there because because those roads call you.

You go there because it makes you proud in your head and if there was any heavens up there, 'this trip' will definitely count for salvation.

Infact, Why you go to Leh is an invalid question. You just go there because you should go there.

|Seek Salvation | लेह चलो|


Rising Sun said...

leh Chalo !!!!

vicious said...


Smita said...

ah! I so wanna go to Leh!!! Enjoy your trip & I so agree with u that Himalaya's are addictive!!!

Sindhu :) said...

Leh is one place that I HAVE to go!! And your post just increased my wish for it.

Loved your post.

Nishit said...

hum tayar hain...samay aur trip details bhejo jaldi ;)

lucky said...

peace !!!

Indian Home Maker said...

These places should be enjoyed in large groups - maybe a well planned Blogger's meet in Leh...!!